ted bundy Ted Bundy's blood could solve cold casesTed Bundy has been dead since 1989 when he was executed in Florida after confessing to more than 30 murders in a decades-long spree, but thanks to a vial of his blood law enforcement may be able to link the serial killer to multiple cases long considered “cold.”

It all began when investigators in Tacoma, Washington re-opened the 1961 case of a  murdered 8-year-old girl who happened to live along a young Ted Bundy’s newspaper route. They contacted Florida authorities who were able to obtain a complete DNA profile from the sample.

“The technology in the past 25 years went from archaic to phenomenal,” Florida law enforcement spokesman Keith Kameg tells CNN.

On Friday (Aug. 5) the profile will be entered into FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) which could potentially link Bundy to several unsolved cases.

Though a link doesn’t provide definitive evidence of guilt, it’s a start for investigators across the country trying to close cases in which Bundy was a suspect.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson