Seth MacFarlane brings his sardonic humor to the big screen in his upcoming film, “Ted,” the story of a foul-mouthed teddy bear and his 30-something best friend, played by Mark Wahlberg.
When it comes to crafting offensive jokes, says the writer-director and star, it’s all about being an “equal opportunity offender.” In other words, no one gets sparred a jab.
“In a movie like this, we generally adhere to the same rules as we do with the animated show,” MacFarlane, who created the television hit, “Family Guy,” explains to Zap2It at a press conference Saturday (June 16). “If you’re going to make fun of one group, you have to make fun of all of them.”
Opening in theaters July 29, the film, starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, centers around the clash of youth and adulthood, in classic MacFarlane style. Through the unusual storyline of a stuffed animal come to life, the director imagines the tale of a man who can’t grow up, depicted by the “literal and symbolic manifestation” of his furry, trash-talking cohort.
“In this movie, we make fun of every race, creed, religion,” notes MacFarlane, referencing specific anecdotes in the film. “The white trash name is the white folks taking it. Of course, the guy that brings the duck to the party was our friendly, jokey jibe at our Asian friends… You have to go across the board.”
His cast concurred.
“Every time I did a take, he’d say ‘Action Honkie,'” Wahlberg jokes. “Three weeks in, I was like, ‘Alright dude, it’s too much. Stop.'”
“And I insisted that he watch “Game of Thrones” like all white people do,” says MacFarlane.
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