ted nugent going to state of the union gi Ted Nugent: State of the Union address, here I come!

“Uncle Ted Goes to Washington,” would be an appropriate name for Tuesday’s State of the Union address. The annual speech, given by the president, will have a surprising attendee in the audience. According to the LA Times, “Cat Scratch Fever” rocker and noted gun enthusiast Ted Nugent is headed to Washington, D.C. as the guest of Republican Representative Steve Stockman, from Texas.
The invitation was extended to Nugent Monday, after it was learned some Democratic lawmakers have invited those affected by gun violence to attend the president’s address. In a statement, Stockman says he’s “excited to have a patriot” of Nugent’s caliber joining him in the House chamber. He also notes that after the address, “Ted will have plenty to say.”
Oh, he sure will.
Nugent was the subject of a secret service investigation in 2012, after declaring at a NRA convention that he “will either be dead or in jail,” should Barack Obama win the election. He also motivated conservatives to “ride into the battlefield and chop their heads off.” Needless to say, Obama was elected, and Nugent is still alive and free. He did have to have a meeting with the secret service, though, to discuss his comments. 
So, if the past is any indication, this might be the most interesting State of the Union in a very long time. It could also be the most embarrassing, as a nation. 
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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