mila kunis ted gi 'Ted's' Mila Kunis on working with Seth MacFarlane

How does Mila Kunis keep her composure unruffled on screen when her boyfriend is best friends with a teddy bear? The same way she maintains her composure in real life — honesty. 
“It was a hard thing to do because you want to play the fine line of not having to be too cool, cause that’s not realistic, but then you don’t want to be the nagging girl in the film because then you’re the nagging girl in the film,” the actress tells Zap2It at a press conference June 16 for her new movie “Ted.” The film, in theaters on Friday (June 29), is the big screen debut for writer-director and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane
“Seth was very responsive to anytime there was an argument I had regarding the character’s dialogue when the response wasn’t justified,” Kunis remarks. “There were several discussions we had on set, and it was always because this was coming across too bitchy. It’s not how a woman would react. It was awesome because it allowed me to help make the character be what I wanted to be, but in Seth MacFarlane’s voice.”
The comedic appearance is Kunis’ first starring role in a movie since her acclaimed performance in 2010’s ““Black Swan.” Though some may consider it a strange decision given her dramatic turn in the Oscar-nominated feature, for Kunis, it makes perfect sense.
“Somebody yesterday was like, you know, after “Black Swan,” we didn’t expect you to follow this up with “Ted” and I literally went, ‘Why because it’s funny? So being a comedy somehow takes away from the quality?’ It doesn’t,” Kunis says. “I don’t think I’m funny. I really don’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love comedy.”
She adds, “I would never be able to go on stage and do a roast. I think I would panic. That being said, I love comedy when written well. When someone like Seth MacFarlane gives me dialogue to say that I think is brilliant, I will say the s*** out of it….But I will not do something I don’t believe in.”
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