ted-turner-son-teddy-turner-for congress.jpgTeddy Turner, son of media mogul Ted Turner is running in a crowded race for a congressional seat in South Carolina, and it’s causing a fun family rift because of his conservative political views.

“My dad asked, ‘What’s the minimum amount I can give because you’re a Republican?'” the younger Turner tells the Associated Press. “My dad has been asking for years, ‘How the heck did you become so conservative?'”

Teddy is among a group of at least 10 Republicans running in the March 19 primary. Among them is former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, perhaps best known for his extra-marital affair that began when he went MIA for a week in Argentina.

Teddy has worked for his father’s business in various capacities since graduating from a military college in South Carolina. He worked for CNN, Turner Broadcasting System and Country Music Television before returning to Charleston and going into business. Along with his charity work, Teddy is now an economics teacher at a private school.

His focus on economics is what the younger Turner says led him into the congressional race, prompted by a conversation he had with U.S. Rep. Tim Scott, who was appointed to the South Carolina Senate seat Stephen Colbert had his eye on.

Turner plans to cast himself as a political newcomer, and says he won’t ask his dad, who makes no secret about being a staunch liberal Democrat, to help him campaign. “I think politically we are dissimilar enough that I’m not sure it would benefit me,” Teddy says. “He knows our goals are the same. We want a better planet. We want a better country.”

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