tedwilliamspray Ted Williams leaves rehab, returns to the obscurity from whence he cameIt’s the American dream and the American reality. Ted Williams, a homeless man with a “golden voice” that seemed to be the male version of Delilah Rene, was plucked off the street after a YouTube video made him an overnight sensation. He appeared on every blog and news show, and he hovered on the Twitter trends for days.

The Cleveland Cavaliers in his home state of Ohio offered him not only a full-time gig as an announcer, but also a place to live. He recorded a Kraft mac & cheese commercial.

But as quickly as he found fame, he hit a new low. After Dr. Phil staged a family intervention, Williams admitted that he’d lied about his sobriety and went off to a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

He didn’t last long. Williams has reportedly left the facility against his doctor’s orders, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Sorry, Teddy! We called you golden, but you let us down, and now we’re just kind of over it. Cheers for the most mercurial use of your 15 minutes ever.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie