The homeless D.J. with the “golden voice” has been on an extraordinary roller coaster ride, going from rags to potential riches in just a few short days after a video of him practicing his radio voice hit the net.

After news broke that Ted Williams had been detained by police following an altercation with his daughter, we expected a downward spiral just as quick as his ascent to stardom. Luckily, as a result of his newfound fame, Williams now has the means to get help for his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Sure enough, the day after the police stepped in, Williams appeared on “Dr. Phil.” And Dr. Phil had done his homework. “Who ordered the Grey Goose vodka last night?” he asked Williams and his family.

High rollers! With an addict in their midst, enjoying a night of expensive booze isn’t exactly the most brilliant idea.

Dr. Phil’s show turned into an intervention so personal it almost felt intrusive to watch it. Williams admitted that his estrangement from his family was painful for him. “That’s where I found comfort in a good blast,” he says. “That’s where I found comfort in a half a pint of wine. I medicated, I numbed my feelings against it.”

Williams’ daughter accused him of drinking every night and lying to “the world” about being sober for over two years.

Off the air, Dr. Phil convinced Williams to get the help he needed and reports say that he’s now on his way to rehab. Hopefully, he’ll get out clean and sober, and we can all listen to his voice announcing everything for years to come.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie