Darrin_Criss_TeenChoiceAward_Getty.jpgThe Teen Choice Awards is the event Twitter was built for. It allows teenagers, or those who wish they still were, to endlessly discuss their favorite celebs, what they’re wearing and how cute they are.

But the sheer volume of Tweets are too much for one person to handle. So we scoured the Twitterverse for the best and funniest comments about the Teen Choice Awards. Even celebs like Elizabeth Banks (“30 Rock”) had a little bit to say…

  • @DopeJieber — Rebecca black is gonna be at the #teenchoiceawards – oh good now i know when to go to the bathroom.
  • @teen — Does Ashton do a good Katy Perry impression? Nah, bring back Darren Criss #teenchoiceawards
  • @ailbarclay — LL Cool J is just as hot as when he hit charts w/ “Momma said knock u out”. Dating myself & admitting to watching #teenchoiceawards
  • @cassie1purdue — Why are The Black Eyed Peas mean mugging everyone?! #teenchoiceawards
  • @ElizabethBanks — Dang, these #TeenChoiceAwards are crawling with … teens. May have to rework my Madonna bit. Is anyone here going to know who that is?
  • @SandiSansom — #Confession I just caught myself watching the #teenchoiceawards I think I’ll watch C�SPAN next….after the award show, of course! 🙂
  • @SororityProblem — Somebody wake me up when Miley starts poledancing or Gaga shows up wearing a helicopter or something. #teenchoiceawards
  • @carrielatimer — Dad says “wow Cameron Diaz got the crows feet goin on” #teenchoiceawards
  • @Inchristsarms — I think if @zacharylevi wins (which hope so) he should accept the award in those shorts. #zachinshortshorts #tca #teenchoiceawards
  • @meeshellebell — jason derulo is the worst lip-syncer ever! #teenchoiceawards #lasttimewatchingasateen
  • @Mandy_Mouse — Yes, it’s true. I complain. But I admittedly watch this show for shallow reasons. #teenchoiceawards #popculture
  • @ashlena — I actually tried to press fast forward on my television remembering that this is live… Sorry One republic #sooveryou #teenchoiceawards
See you next year.
Posted by:David Eckstein