rebel wilson wetsuit teen choice gi Teen Choice Awards 2013: Rebel Wilson's wetsuit and censored One Direction joke

Rebel Wilson is not a shy young woman. The Australian comedian proved that at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards when she accepted a win in a wetsuit and then told a One Direction joke so dirty the whole thing was censored.

The winner for Choice Actress in a Comedy — for her role as Fat Amy in “Pitch Perfect” — Wilson is known more often than not for her raunchy sense of humor. It’s not a type of humor that translates easily into the family-friendly TV realm of the Teen Choice Awards. You just know that someone had a finger on the bleep button the second Wilson hit the stage.

Before the joke happened, Wilson got some laughs with her black and hot pink wetsuit. We’re talking about a real wetsuit too, not some designer gown vaguely resembling water gear. It even had “Rebel” festooned across the actress’ chest.

Then Rebel started talking. She seemed pretty excited about the surfboard — “I can take it to the beach. And look at it.” — but soon changed topic. Like everyone else at the Teen Choice Awards, Wilson’s mind turned to the boys of One Direction.

But Rebel Wilson’s mind cannot pick a topic without twisting it in a dirty, disturbing way. We will alas never know what she said though. That’s because Wilson used up the broadcast’s censorship delay by telling what must have been an extremely dirty joke about the boy band’s name.

What sort of joke was that? Imagination will just have to provide the answer.

Posted by:Laurel Brown