kerry washington tca Teen Choice Awards 2013: 'Scandal's' Kerry Washington channels Olivia Pope, shuts down interviewer

Unfortunately for viewers, the hosts of the 2013 Teen Choice Awards pre-show blue carpet were not the most skilled of interviewers. Some of the questions (and non-questions) they asked the celebrities were cringe-worthy, but one star had no patience for their nonsense and shut. Them. Down.

Kerry Washington channeled her “Scandal” alter-ego Olivia Pope when her interviewer (who had ironically been obsessing about her during the entire pre-show) asked about her new husband and married life. The notoriously private Washington replied with a swift and firm, “I don’t talk about my personal life in the press.” As Olivia would say on the ABC drama, “It’s handled!”

Washington also opened up about her new honorary doctorate degree from George Washington University, saying that she feels “very honored.” The best part about it? It helps her get out of household chores. “Whoever doesn’t have a doctorate has to walk the dog, whoever doesn’t have a doctorate has to do the dishes,” she jokes.

And as for her hit series “Scandal,” while she couldn’t give away much in the way of details about “Dad?”-gate and what’s to come for Pope and Associates, she did say that she’s been busy working on the new season where we will finally learn more about Olivia’s backstory. The wait for Season 3 just got that much harder.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum