sandra bullock tca the heat Teen Choice Awards 2013: 'The Heat's' Sandra Bullock warns 'do not put a peanut up your nose'

When Sandra Bullock accepted the choice female summer movie star at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (August 11) for “The Heat,” she had a few words of wisdom to share with her fans.

Referring to a scene in “The Heat” where Bullock’s character shoved a peanut up her nose, only to have Melissa McCarthy extract it with a drink straw, Bullock notes that the joke might not have been their best idea. 

“Melissa McCarthy and I may have crossed the line,” Bullock said in her acceptance speech. “Please do not put a peanut up your nose. The salted ones are worse. Unless you’re being robbed, then you should shove it up your nose and blow it out — take that perp out.”

That does not sound pleasant, but hey — it got her a surfboard!

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum