Sometimes it’s just nice to see a bratty teenager get what they deserve. That was the case when, according to NBC MiamiPenelope Soto had to appear in a Miami court Monday, after being arrested for Xanax possession. Thankfully, the internet comes through with video of the entire thing.
It’s unclear exactly how high Soto is when she’s being questioned by the judge, but she giggles her way through most of the hearing. When asked if she has any valuable possessions, she says she owns jewelry worth “a lot of money.” When asked to specify how much, she just laughs. The judge even asks her at a certain point if she’s had any drugs in the last day, she laughs again, then says “Actually…No.”
After setting her bail at $5000, the judge dismisses her. She laughs and tells him, “Adios.” He then calls her back and ups the bail to $10,000. As the courtroom gasps, Soto’s jaw drops and she asks, “Are you serious?” The judge simply replies, “I am serious. Adios!”
As she walks away the second time she curses at the judge and gives him the finger. That’s when things get great, as the judge calls her back and finds her in criminal contempt. He sentences her to 30 days in county jail, and for just a moment all is right in the world.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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