teenmom2 xmas eb 'Teen Mom 2': Christmas with the Cranks
On this week’s holiday-themed episode, the “Teen Mom 2” cast learns the harsh truth that Santa isn’t real — and infants don’t even understand what Christmas is. While “Home for Christmas” wasn’t the most discouraging episode we’ve seen this season, the repetitive dissatisfaction continues on different ends of the spectrum for each of the moms. 

As the girls face the stress of preparing for their kids’ Christmases, very little indulgence remains left over for themselves (and
the disappointment shows). Sucks when you cant be the little kid under the tree anymore, right!? The moms seem a bit needier than their oblivious babies gazing at the gifts — especially Kailyn, who is particularly unhappy to be without her son on Christmas morning.

“Don’t get aggravated because they’re not doing what you expect them to do,” warns Leah’s mother upon learning that she spent more than $500 on gifts for the twins. Amusingly, the babies are not only clueless about their duct tape-wrapped gifts but also terrified of their father Corey when he dons a Santa costume (which fortunately has no visible camouflage patterns).   

Each of the gals is indeed blessed with moments of holiday cheer. It’s refreshing to see Jenelle and her mother getting along while exchanging gifts — even if that harmony disintegrates quickly. All of the non-incarcerated guys are on their best behavior (Jordan and Kailyn’s relationship is developing into an especially sweet one). Even Adam is being civilized and enthusiastic about his new job and health insurance for his daughter.

As for this week’s lowlights? Jenelle begging her friends to help release Keiffer from jail, and her subsequent tears after they all refuse is laughable, and snagged plenty of social buzz last night. Chelsea’s baby voice, never-ending supply of animal print winter wear and tolerance for Adam’s dispassionate parenting also need to go.

Here’s to hoping that next week’s back-to-back new episodes shake things up a bit. To help prepare, take a look at our favorite tweets from #TeenMomTuesday:  

@AndrewJenks: Closest race in Iowa of all time? Or an all new Teen Mom? Decisions people, decisions.

@DJSidekick: I’m watching teen mom at 2:30am with mcvalue crumbs on my chest. I’m completely OK with it. All of it.

@MTV: OMG the twins HATE Santa. Even when they’re crying, they’re adorable. #teenmom2

@JustJem24: Do the teen mom’s hair color keeping changing every episode? #confused

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady