teenmom2 finale eb 'Teen Mom 2' season finale: My cruddy ValentineWhile millions of happy, loving couples were busy last night celebrating Valentine’s Day, another chunk of the population stayed home and spent the holiday watching the “Teen Mom 2” Season 2 finale (aptly titled “Love Will Tear Us Apart”). The episode was chock full ‘o baby daddy drama — the pitfalls of shared custody and residual emotions — with a little bit of rehab on the side.

Kailyn began this season as the most level-headed teen mom in the group, but in the aftermath of her hookup with Joe, she burns her bridges big time. Yet again, her lack of interpersonal skills leaves the audience and the people in her life puzzled. She’s completely unremorseful when she announces to Jordan that she cheated on him.

“You don’t put yourself in my position,” Kailyn seethes. But when Jordan dumps her and Joe rejects her, there still isn’t much sympathy remaining.

The only thing sloppier than Kailyn’s behavior is Leah’s hasty divorce. Corey handles the situation stoically, taking off his wedding band and quietly letting Leah move her belongings out of their home. Meanwhile, Leah is all tears and dramatics — saying she’s “in shock over everything” and is upset about “being married and divorced in 6 months.” Well … why did you cheat on Corey? And why did you file for divorce?

Jenelle is at rehab in California, where she has some moments of significant self-discovery. “My mom… me and her argue all the time, constantly — and it’s always in front of Jace,” she says.

We also learn that Jenelle has a brother who’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. As it turns out, she might have bipolar tendencies as well. And while we’re happy seeing her make strides in this episode, after reading recent headlines, we know Jenelle is unfortunately still getting herself into trouble.

Speaking of emotional problems, Adam seems to be on an a high — he’s kind to Chelsea and Aubree after plenty of weeks apart. He even takes Chelsea on a terrifying, helmet-less motorcycle ride! Chelsea’s closer to completing her GED, but we’re left wishing their was a Crappy Boyfriend section she could prep for (and ace).

The majority of decisions and storylines that played out this season were classically teenage. Irrational, impulsive, emotional and sloppy, we watched the action lull for many, many episodes, and then end with a bang this week and last. We know that the young mothers are still working through legal troubles, the education system, new relationships and even entering their girls into beauty pageants (in Leah’s case).

But if there is a Season 3 in store for “Teen Mom 2,” two of the cast members won’t even be teenagers anymore. Here’s to hoping that means some happier and healthier choices.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady