leahandcorey eb 'Teen Mom 2': Something's gotta giveAfter last week’s episode of “Teen Mom 2”, we were left frustrated at the stagnant, depressing plot lines of the four young mothers and their struggles. This week? It was much of the same — plus plenty of orange wardrobe choices. “Intensive Care” leaves the audience demanding that these ladies finally step it up. Sure, motherhood is tough, but with camera crews following, Dr. Drew advising in reunion specials, and millions of people tuning in and broadcasting their two cents, it’d be nice to the “Teen Mom” crew to take a hint and make better decisions. (Paging Amber Portwood!) 

This week, the success rank of the moms was shuffled around a bit:

Winner: Leah. She was clearly the most mature mama out of the girls, putting on her brave face during the turbulence of baby Aliannah’s surgery. And maybe next week the audience will finally find out what is wrong with the baby? Maybe!?

Runner-up: Kailyn. She’s usually the most mature gal on the “Teen Mom 2” team, and while we respect her decision to move out on her own, we think it was a little dramatic to sneak out while her mother was at work. Fingers crossed that her housing situation proves to be productive for her and Isaac’s future.

Third place: Jenelle. Frequently the “loser” of the group, Jenelle at least has the moxie to press charges on Kieffer after his violent outburst in last week’s episode. Her emotional reunion with Jace at the end of the episode was also genuinely heartwarming.

Loser: Chelsea. We feel sorry that she had to endure a painful surgery, but all the other agony that she endured (like Adam calling their daughter a “bastard” in the recovery room) was predictable and ridiculous. She should really listen to her dad next time around. That guy knows what’s up.   

And just to bring some laughs back to the semi-depressing recap, here’s a selection of our favorite tweet reactions to Tuesday’s episode: 

@MellyMcFee: I hope someone got Corey a new hat for Christmas #TeenMomTuesday

@bestdaywithtay: wayy to finish off #TeenMomTuesday. crazy episode. all i can really say is @TM2LeahDawn is honestly the strongest mommy. we love you! #Ali

@RJ_CT: Chelsea, Christina Aguilera called. She wants her bad extensions back. Boom roasted. #teenmom

@mollygaller: My @mullenunbound coworkers are impersonating Janelle’s mom from #TeenMom2. DYING.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady