Leah Calvert catches fans up-to-date with the newest addition to her family, Adalynn Faith, in anticipation of tonight’s “Teen Mom 2.” In a new video interview, the “Teen Mom” star reveals how she and hubby Jeremy Calvert decided on the name “Adalynn Faith.”

“The girls have a new sister. Her name’s Adalynn Faith,” Calvert tells MTV. “Jeremy wanted to name Adalyn ‘Madison,’ but I didn’t like it because he wanted to call her ‘Maddy.’ But I got him to change it to where we would call her ‘Addy’ and his middle name was ‘Lynn’ and we named her ‘Adalynn.”

Calvert gave birth to Adalynn on Feb. 4, and she goes on to explain in the interview that she got to take Adalynn home within 48 hours. She says her other daughters, Ali and Aleeah, have really taken to having a younger sister.

Since giving birth, Calvert has noticed that Jeremy has grown closer with her twins “because he actually feels like a dad now.” But he isn’t around now as much as he was after Calvert gave birth, and so the responsibility of the newborn has fallen on her shoulders.

“It does take an emotional toll on me, because I just want my husband with me all the time. But I know he loves his career, and I wouldn’t want to take that from him,” she says. “I support him in what he does, and I feel like that’s what a wife should do.”

In the clip, Calvert addresses the fact that some people might not be confident in her ability to care for three children. “It wasn’t planned, but we weren’t upset about it because we felt like we were stable and I felt like Jeremy would be a great dad and I’d be a great mom,” she says. “We didn’t really have any worries.”

The new episode of “Teen Mom 2” airs on MTV tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz