teenmom episode9 eb 'Teen Mom 2': Trailer thrashLast night’s episode of “Teen Mom 2” culminated in Jenelle Evans’ four person smackdown, and was then punctuated by Leah Messer’s ultimatum to Corey, “I’m getting a trailer. You can come if you want to come.”

In case there were ever any doubts, the show has officially entered “Jerry Springer” territory.

As we’ve been noting all season, each episode of “Teen Mom 2” feels less like a guilty pleasure and more like a saddening foray into the turbulent and lackluster lives of teenage parents today. It would be fine as an in-depth special, but to drag out episode after episode is too much — and the weekly headlines on Tuesdays (arrests, pregnancies, miscarriages) seem suspiciously timed to attract attention and remind us of just how much drama and disappointment the cast truly experiences. 

Jenelle Evans’ downward spiral was the centerpiece of last night’s episode, complete with screaming, fist fights, tears and borderline vehicular battery. While on camera she seems oblivious, we wonder if Jenelle comprehends that her role on “Teen Mom 2” has made her famous for being a lousy parent. It’s upsetting to wonder where she (or her son Jace) will be in 10 years if she doesn’t get serious help for her emotional problems — and we’re not talking about Dr. Drew reunion special help. 

“The Beginning of the End,” also revealed the tensions between Leah and Corey growing into what we know will be an inevitable split. She wants a trailer, he wants a new pickup truck — total #WestVirginiaProblems.

Elsewhere in the “Teen Mom”-iverse, Kailyn is battling Joe in court for child support. Chelsea is trying to “support herself” and move on from being dumped by her baby daddy (again) by working 15 hours a week at the Year Round Brown tanning salon. Yawn.

As usual, we followed along with viewer tweets last night. Here are our favorites:

@Hyesungsus: If they do a Teen Mom 2 season three Jenelle doesn’t need to be on it. She needs to get herself together. #teenmom2

@alyssaarminio: Wait. There is a “Teen Mom 2” Soundtrack?!?! There are so many things wrong with this.

@SororityProblem: God help the babies on Teen Mom whenever they grow up and realize that THIS was their childhood.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady