chelsea teenmom2 eb 'Teen Mom 2': We can't!“Teen Mom 2” has become so repetitive and irritating this season, that we just want it to end. The girls aren’t doing anything to keep audiences engaged, and with the recent news of Jenelle Evans’ second arrest in a week, and Leah Messer expecting twins again, it would probably be best for the cast to shy away from the cameras as well.

Still, we dutifully watched last night for Teen Mom Tuesday. Nothing has actually changed at all since the season began (or frankly, since Season 1), so today we’re reflecting on the five most annoying moments from “Making Moves.” Feel free to commiserate with us in the comments section below.

1. Chelsea goes “job hunting” at tanning salons, or as her friend calls it, “a nice getaway to get out of the house and stuff.” Of course it’s a good thing that she wants to make some extra dollars on the side, but who is she trying to fool? That income might be enough to buy a few more leopard-print blankets, but it won’t go much further than that. Chelsea should be nailing down her GED and getting a real job instead. 

2. At the beginning of the episode, Jenelle complains to her mother about how she is feeling anxious and wants to smoke marijuana: “I’m so stressed out right now, I’m about to punch a wall.” Really, Jenelle? Really? She then continues on her rant, screaming in front of her son Jace about how she needs to smoke weed or she’s “about to flip the f**k out.” It’s such a sad thing to see a baby eating his meal with that anger and language in his immediate vicinity, it made us want to change the channel.

3. “I’m way more relaxed now,” Jenelle comments after moving into an apartment with her friend. “But I still cant stop thinking about Keiffer.” What?!? What about your baby? Why don’t you ever seem to think about Jace? Isn’t this a show about teen moms, not teen pothead roommates? Jenelle’s self-centered attitude in Season 2 is repulsive.

4. Jenelle brings yet another annoying highlight during her Facebook chat with Keiffer. A shot of the computer screen shows her typing “yu can come over if yu like.” Is spelling “you” that difficult? That extra “o” is just too much effort? Blah.

5. Kailyn meets Joe at a diner to discuss the child support issue, and although she obviously got a nice blowout before seeing him, she yet again can’t communicate normally or effectively. She treats him rudely and angers Joe, so the conversation spirals into failure. Grrrr. Now they’ll be heading to court.

Well, there you have it. Thank goodness for all the on-point tweets last night from the “Teen Mom 2” stalwarts. Here are our favorites from #TeenMomTuesday:

@brat_problems: I can’t even comment on tonight’s episode of #TeenMom2 makes me frustrated, sad and laugh every time. #bratproblems

@BabsEvansMTV: @PBandJenelley_1 JENELLE… YAH STRUNG OUT AHN WEED!! #uhoh

@paulawalnuts: Why does Chelsea’s hair keep changing color in every other scene on #teenmom2 it’s like I’m watching The Craft

@_IndiaArie: Wtf is Janelle still on #TeenMom2 shes a horrible mom,on drugs,custody of her child gone and disrespects her mom..this is positive? @Mtv

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady