teen mom 3 premiere 'Teen Mom 3' premiere: How do the '16 and Pregnant' stars fare as mothers?

On Monday (Aug. 26), MTV premiered the latest season of “Teen Mom,” “Teen Mom 3.” We’ve already met the four new cast members, as we’ve seen their pregnancy stories on Season 4 of “16 and Pregnant.” So how do the four young teens fare as mothers? 

Katie Yeager, Alex Sekella, Mackenzie Douthit, and Briana DeJesus are each in extremely different situations, but they all have one thing in common: they are all struggling to raise a newborn baby. 

Katie is struggling to raise daughter Molli with her boyfriend Joey Maes, all while taking online courses at a community college and working a part time job. She gave up going to college with her best friend to raise her daughter, and after Joey dents her car and refuses to apologize, things get messy … to the point where Katie expresses her wish to go back to the ways things were before they had a baby together. But Joey proposes to Katie, and she accepts despite their issues.

Alex was contemplating giving her baby up for adoption while she was pregnant, but when daughter Arabella was born, she couldn’t go through with it. She now works three part time jobs while struggling to finish high school and raising Arabella with little help from on-again, off-again boyfriend Matt McCann who is living with her and her mom after spending a few months in rehab. Alex doesn’t know whether or not she can trust him to stay clean, and her fears come true later this season as he deals with a serious relapse. 

Mackenzie attempts to balance her junior year of high school, cheerleading, dealing with her Type I diabetes, and raising son Gannon, all while her relationship with fiance Josh McKee becomes increasingly more strained. Josh agreed to give up bull riding and rodeos for Mackenzie and Gannon, but as she keeps pushing him to care more about their relationship he keeps pulling away, even as they decide whether or not he will move in with Mackenzie.

Briana debates whether or not she wants ex-boyfriend Devoin Ri’chard Austin II to be a part of their daughter Nova’s life … in fact, when Nova was born, Briana left the father’s name off of her birth certificate. After five months, Devoin hasn’t been a part of his daughter’s life. Briana has been relying on her mother and sister for help, but her sister is about to head off to college — and since her sister had an abortion, Briana has been wondering if maybe she should have made the same choice with Nova, especially when Devoin starts writing bad things about her on the internet. She takes action in court to protect herself and her daughter, but doesn’t end up serving Devoin the papers since he wants to work things out with her.

What do you think of the new cast of “Teen Mom?” Are they up to the challenge of being mothers, or will their situations get the better of them this season? Hit the comments with your thoughts/opinions.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum