amber portwood tattoo 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood regrets life choices, world forgets to be shockedTeen Mom‘s” Amber Portwood, whose infamous violent attacks on her daughter’s father were caught on camera, regrets some of her life choices, according to PopEater.

It’s not the fact that she briefly lost custody of her daughter when Child Protective Services found out that baby Leah didn’t have an actual bed that’s causing Amber to re-evaluate her situation — it’s the giant, life-size portrait of Leah tattooed on Amber’s side.

After she got custody back, Amber decided that a good way to prove her ability to be a parent would be to spend many, many hours in a tattoo chair. The tat, which only vaguely resembles the actual child, sprawls across Amber’s midsection and causes her considerable pain, friends say.

“Amber wanted to prove that she never wanted to lose custody of her
daughter again, but had no idea how painful and sore she would be,” says the source. “Now she is having to sleep on her back or right-hand side and can’t take it anymore.”

Our only hope is that someone obtains a photo of this tattoo 15 years from now. We’re sure it will look fabulous.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie