farrah abraham sophia teen mom 'Teen Mom'   'By the Rules': Farrah sending terrible 2s daughter back home to grandmaBye-bye, baby! Looks like Sophia‘s “terrible 2s” are too, too much for “Teen Mom” star Farrah to handle, so she’s sending her daughter back to Omaha to enjoy a month’s worth of quality time with the grandparents.

For full-time college student Farrah, it’s a smart move. In addition to mastering mixology, she’s doing an immersion study program of the Lone Star State — horseback riding, barbecue and cow saddling — in preparation for a trip to Austin with her mom-approved Texas boyfriend.

When Sophia returns to Florida, will Farrah and Daniel still be a couple? And if so, will he be willing to resume babysitting duties? Those highball notecards aren’t going to write themselves.

Sophia may love her room at grandma’s (she was conceived there after all; thank you Farrah for that unforgettable overshare), but Maci‘s son Bentley is not a fan of their brand-new house. “I wanna go back home,” he repeatedly cries to his mom, and refuses to sleep in his new bed. Meanwhile, Ryan‘s new girlfriend Dalis is stirring up trouble, telling Bentley, “I think you should just live with daddy,” sweetening the deal with a new puppy. Ryan 4.0 is hella more mature than earlier versions, but considering he still lives at home, we’re not betting on a judge awarding him joint custody anytime soon. He could always enlist the help of legal eagle Butch

Yes, Catelynn and Tyler’s imprisoned papa is adding defense attorney to his impressive resume. While Tyler looks on reluctantly — Why is his mom suddenly so insistent he support his deadbeat dad? So what if he doesn’t have a “history of violence against women”? — Butch announces at his arraignment hearing that he is representing himself. The judge calls this an “ill-advised” and “foolish thing to do,” and Tyler agrees.

“You’re foolish,” he says. “You want to represent yourself with your ponytail — your mullet?!” If only Tyler could take his dad to the salon for a makeover.

No amount of styling can change the fact that Butch is a bit of a bastard. Not only did he beat up his wife and glare at her in court, but April revealed that he derailed her attempts at sobriety with comments like “You can’t just have one beer with your husband?” Niiice. Here’s hoping April continues to focus on her recovery and ignores his phones calls.

Amber‘s having a “horrifically terrible” time focusing on her own recovery, she tells her caseworker, especially since she sees her daughter so infrequently. She’s also upset that baby daddy Gary is leaving Leah with his mom, Carol, while he traipses off to places like “Illinoise.” When Carol goes MIA with Leah, Amber is so distraught she almost bawls her false eyelashes off. (We really expected those caterpillars to turn into butterflies and fly off her eyelids.) Fortunately Carol finally brings Leah for a visit: “Grandma we’re here,” shouts the delighted little girl. “I get my mommy!”

Not for long, sadly — who knows how often she’ll be visiting mommy in prison?

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