farrah abraham teen mom texas 'Teen Mom'   'Change of Plans': Farrah's boyfriend abandons her in TexasWho’s the “lone bird” now, Farrah?

Tonight’s (Aug. 14) installment of “Teen Mom” presented a classic case of boomerang karma.

While Farrah’s boyfriend Daniel looked like he’d been Punk’d, the unfiltered reality star embarrassed and insulted his family. She was especially merciless toward his dad’s girlfriend and the older woman’s desire to have kids.

“You haven’t had children yet? I don’t think it’s going to happen then,” she laughed. Farrah continued her assault by asking the woman’s age, and when she said she was 51, Farrah proclaimed:

“You’re going to be a looone bird.”

Instead, Farrah was the one flying solo — literally, on a plane back Florida without Daniel, after he “couldn’t take it anymore” and bailed.

So what else did Farrah do besides humiliate his father’s girlfriend?

Just six weeks into their relationship, Farrah announced that (1) like Daniel’s dad, she’d like to have three kids by the time she’s 23, (2) talked about their future life together in Texas, (3) joked to Daniel about picking out her “wedding dress” and “engagement ring” during a shopping excursion and (4) on a suffocating paddleboating outing, essentially gave him an ultimatum — that she expected a proposal. Soon.

That night Daniel and Farrah met up with his friends, but she went back to their hotel room early because of the way he was acting. (Terrified, perhaps?) He never returned, later telling his buddy, “She’s a sweet girl…but she really has a lot of growing up to do. She demands stuff all the time…I can’t handle it.”

Not the classiest move — but at least he didn’t toss her off the paddleboat?

Keeping it classy in Indiana was Amber, who canceled a scheduled visit with her daughter at the last minute to go house hunting. (When we all know which Big House she chose.)
Baby daddy Gary was understandably upset, not just because of the inconvenience but how much it would disappoint Leah.
So after constantly crying about how much she misses her daughter, Amber hung out at a playground with her friend instead of her own child.

Maci, meanwhile, is doing an excellent job co-parenting with her baby daddy, Ryan. Maybe too well? Maci’s tweet that it would be easier and better for son Bentley if she and Ryan had stayed together wasn’t well received by the Ryanocerous and his ladylove Dalis. After some vicious texting, Ryan and Maci finally patched things up.

For now…until Bentley starts repeating that new catchphrase he picked up: “baby mama drama.”

Fact: Tyler Baltierra is an angel. So it’s hard to criticize him, but his decision to take time off after just one semester at college is nonsense.

When Ty and girlfriend Catelynn discovered that their planned degrees in “human services” might not qualify them for careers in counseling, their first response was to abandon ship.

Catelynn, of course, could not hide her glee that she’s got a Tyler-approved excuse to skip school, but we expected more from Butch‘s level-headed son.
Even if they eventually need to switch schools, why can’t they take their general education credits — like humanities, science and English — now? Not only are such classes required by all universities, but they teach important things like the correct use of “social working” when referring to such programs.

Even after two advisers recommend they continue their current program of study, Cateynn and Tyler’s baffling response was, “OK we’re signing up in January.”

So what are they going to do instead — write a book?

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