catelynn lowell wedding teen mom 'Teen Mom' farewell special: Ryan moved out! And more shockers from Maci, Amber, Farrah and CatelynnJust when we think the original cast of “Teen Mom” have taken their final bows, MTV airs another new encore special.

As a late addition to the MTV lineup, we didn’t expect much from tonight’s (Oct. 2) “farewell special” — but it was surprisingly full of fun gems like the girls’ original “16 and Pregnant” audition videos, what it was like opening their lives to the cameras, and how it feels to be recognized in public.

Here are some other tidbits we learned:

maci bookout casting tape teen mom 'Teen Mom' farewell special: Ryan moved out! And more shockers from Maci, Amber, Farrah and CatelynnMACI AND RYAN

  • Ryan — are you sitting down? — moved out of his parents’ house and got his very own apartment! He also broke up with Dalis at one point, but we know for a fact they are a happy couple again.
  • Maci’s parents encouraged her to audition for “16 and Pregnant” after seeing an ad on Craigslist. (We wish they’d explained exactly how they stumbled across that particular listing.)
  • Neither Ryan nor his parents knew Maci submitted an audition tape or doing the documentary. In fact, when they found out, Bentley‘s Mimi thought it was an April Fool’s joke.
  • Ryan said he didn’t want to be on TV or have his personal life exposed. “I woke up in my bedroom with whole crew sitting there filming,” he complains. And thus the Ryanocerous was awakened.
  • Both Ryan and Maci knew they weren’t ready to get married. In fact, Ryan says, “I don’t think I was in love with Maci.”
  • The first time Maci saw her dad cry was when she revealed her pregnancy.
  • Ryan and Maci never once discussed birth control.
    * Maci shared a house with her girlfriend after leaving Kyle. (The two later reconciled, but recently broke up again.)


  • Dawn, Catelynn and Tyler’s adoption counselor, recommended them for “16 and Pregnant.”
  • The affianced stepsiblings kissed their trailer goodbye and now live in a nicer house than anyone we know. Maybe we should work in retail?
  • Catelynn is a freshman and Ty a sophomore in college. Bravo!
  • Catelynn has a dress and a cake picked out for their July 2013 wedding, which they hope their daughter will attend. No word on whether Carly‘s adopted parents, Brandon and Teresa, have accepted the birth parents’ invite.


  • On the first day of filming, no one at Farrah’s high school knew she was pregnant. “Are you on the news?” one of her classmates is heard asking her as cameras filmed her outside her locker.
  • Farrah’s parents didn’t discuss birth control with their daughter. “Because of our faith, we talked about abstinence,” mom Debra explains.


Amber wasn’t able to participate in the special due to her legal problems (her own “Amber: Behind Bars” special airs next week), but baby daddy Gary did read aloud a sweet letter she wrote him en route to the Rockville Correctional Facility.

“Hey sweetie,” she writes. “I know it’s hard to accept the fact that I’m going to prison. I feel like [daughter] Leah‘s starting to forget me…that I’m not there to watch her grow makes me absolutely sick.

“The past couple years have been so f***ing nuts. I feel like no matter what I did wasn’t enough for anyone. When I go to prison, just knowing you’re in my corner makes me feel a little better…Make sure you tell Leah I love her. I feel like I’m about to break down, so I’m going to end this now. I love you always.”

Guess incarceration really does make the heart grow fonder?

You’ve traveled with the original Teen Moms during their four-year journey. Who do you think has come the farthest? Who has surprised you the most?

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