maci bookout bentley teen mom 'Teen Mom'   'Fresh Start': Is Tyler dumping Catelynn? Who else is saying goodbye?Not a whole lot happened on “Teen Mom,” so this recap will be shorter than Bentley‘s visits to day care preschool. Bam!

So yes, Maci‘s preparing her son for the rigors of academia by dropping him off at day care preschool for a couple hours a week. Bentley’s paternal grandmother, “Mimi,” does not approve or understand why Maci wouldn’t keep Bentley “when she’s at home.” She seems to have forgotten that Maci is in college and might actually do homework once in a while. Then again, Mimi’s probably never seen her son do homework, so she might be unfamiliar with the concept. Bentley is well aware of Ryan‘s freeloading; when Maci said he was going to “daddy’s house,”  he corrected her with a giggle: “It’s Mimi’s house!”

Catelynn‘s not a freeloader, but Tyler is peeved that she has been ” lollygagging around” instead of registering for school. Maybe she’s not ready for the “automatic seriousness” of college? Too bad, says Tyler.  

“If she didn’t want to go to school, I’d probably be gone, honestly,”  Ty tells his mom while orchestrating her makeover at the salon (not that there’s anything wrong with that). “I’m not gonna be with somebody who doesn’t have goals. I can’t be up on this rung of the ladder and her down here on this rung of the ladder. Gotta be climbing it up together.”

Flip that ladder sideways and you see Papa Butch‘s future — he’s heading back behind bars. It’s so unfair to deprive the free world of that magnificent mullet. (Oooh, can you imagine Butch with a perm? Make it happen, Tyler!)

Speaking of style: Amber checked out of the rehab resort, depriving us forevermore of JJ’s bold fashion sensibility: The caseworker bid farewell to Amber in a pink-and-white striped oxford with a peach collar and purple printed pocket square in his fancy blazer. We’re not judging — the fancy man could very well have a yacht docked nearby, for which his dandy duds would be perfectly appropriate.

Complicating matters at home for Amber and Gary is the fact that the only one in their nuclear family legally able to drive is Leah, and her car is plastic.

Farrah has a driver’s license — and a new passenger!  Her new boyfriend Daniel is game for all kinds of TV-friendly dates like sharing 12-pound sundaes and horseback riding. We can’t wait until they visit his hometown of Austin so Farrah can fulfill her dream of “cow riding.” Appropriately attired in a maxidress, of course.

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