kourtney kardashian farrah abraham gi 'Teen Mom' picks Twitter fight with pregnant Kourtney Kardashian, losesMinor reality stars, take note: You do not want to pick a fight with a Kardashian. You’ll probably lose.

“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham decided to dispense some wisdom toward one of E!’s biggest stars on Twitter, scolding Kourtney Kardashian for getting pregnant a second time.

“Im Shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again, Did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM? Maybe its a fake pregnancy like kims wedding SAD,”

Abraham wrote about the eldest Kardashian sister’s pregnancy. “Double standards in this world? Yes & guess what !age and money honestly do not change a persons poor choice . Quit making excuses:)”

We’re not sure exactly what Abraham’s getting at, considering Kardashian and fiance Scott Disick have been together for years and she hasn’t been a teen in more than a decade.

“Why would I have anything to do with teen mom? I’m 32 years old! I may look young honey, but don’t get it twisted. :),” Kardashian rightfully pointed out.

Disick got in on the action too, tweeting, “Were not teenagers ya f***ing moron.”

And that, ladies in gentlemen, is how you win a Twitter argument.

Seriously, though, we’re still not sure what kind of point Abraham was trying to make about a financially established woman in her 30s having a child with her longtime partner. Seems pretty okay to us, no?

Posted by:Jean Bentley