ryan edwards maci bookout b 'Teen Mom' recap: Is Maci still in love with Ryan?‘Teen Mom’ had a beach party tonight, and everyone was invited!

Maci invited herself to baby daddy’ Ryan‘s family vacation, Amber welcomed maybe-boyfriend Gary and daughter Leah to her Malibu rehab, and Farrah found plenty of ways to flaunt her new boobs in her new Sunshine State home.

The only ones without an ocean view tonight were Catelynn and Tyler, who were stuck at home with babysitting duty again.

That’s right, folks: Butch — the man! the myth! the mullet! — is out of jail and crashing again at his affianced son and stepdaughter’s pad.

catelynn lowell butch teen  'Teen Mom' recap: Is Maci still in love with Ryan?After a 90-day stint behind bars (either for testing positive for drugs or violating the no-contact order forbidding him from seeing his wife — who can keep track?), Butch promised Tyler and Catelynn he’d behave…and then he broke his curfew!

“Dude, it’s almost midnight and I’m sitting up waiting for my 50-year-old father,” complained world-weary teen Tyler. Butch eventually returned the next day (don’t underestimate the time it takes to finesse that mullet), and Tyler let him off with a warning. One more infraction, though, and Butch is out.

Speaking of no-contact orders (a “Teen Mom” specialty), Amber was disappointed to learn that she had to see her daughter and baby daddy separately during their visit to her seaside treatment facility.

amber portwood rehab teen m 'Teen Mom' recap: Is Maci still in love with Ryan?Fear not: JJ the dandy caseworker/aspiring Banana Republic catalog model managed to soothe the couple, and then…Honestly, we couldn’t tell you the outcome of their counseling session — JJ’s carefully tousled curls, just-right stubble, sockless loafers and daffodil slacks were just too distracting.

Sort of like Farrah’s breast implants, which are playing a more prominent role in Florida’s de rigueur bikinis and tank tops. Totally not related to this discussion is Farrah’s neighbor Adam, with whom she bonded after watching his pooch. (A lot of work considering she has a new disposable designer dog of her own.) It seemed Farrah might have finally found a new boyfriend, until she shut him down during a birthday celebration dinner. At 20, Farrah is “grown up hello?!” and doesn’t appreciate Frankie Goes to Hollywood beach bums telling her to relax.

If anyone knows how to relax, it’s Ryan. His new girlfriend, Dalis, has joined the family on their vacation, and his son, Bentley, seems to adore her — and wasn’t pleased when mama Maci tried to lure him away with her entourage of “Teen Mom” groupies. And because Maci didn’t seem to understand when he cried “Go away” (ouch), Bentley  peed on her shirt. Message delivered!

Ryan’s buddy believes that Maci is “still in love” with her baby daddy. As if! Posing for pictures with Ryan and Bentley, texting Ryan that he’d have more fun on vacation with her than Dalis, and then inviting Ryan and Dalis to party with her…that’s not weird at all.

Do you think Maci is jealous of Ryan’s girlfriend, or is she just doing what’s best for their son?

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