jenelle homeless eb 500 'Teen Mom': The Best and Worst from #TeenMomTuesdayIn the Season 2 premiere of “Teen Mom 2,” we saw that not much has changed since last year in the lives of the four young mothers — and the redundancy continues in Episode 2, “Curveball.” Where exactly is this curveball, MTV? We must have missed it.

At the beginning of the episode, temporarily-homeless Jenelle mopes that “I don’t see what else could go wrong. I think the worst has already happened.” But instead of focusing on her son Jace, Jenelle remains stubbornly and violently caught up in the drama of arguing with her marble-mouthed mother. Her continuing romance with Keiffer The Boozehound results in a physical altercation in a bowling alley parking lot. Sigh.

Speaking of bad boyfriends …. Chelsea, stop it! Stop! She’s still in love with her jerk of an ex, and nursing an injured knee. Is this really a new season, or have we entered some sort of repetitive vortex? The heart wants what the heart wants, but it’s depressing to watch a young, seemingly sweet woman return to a manipulative teenage father who obviously enjoys being in front of the cameras more than being a decent baby daddy.

Meanwhile in West Virginia, Corey is still hasn’t taken his off his camo baseball hat from Season 1, and he continues to be the jealous-type toward Leah. Aliannah’s health issues remain in question, and while Leah learns that the baby won’t need eye surgery, she will have to undergo an MRI. But perhaps most importantly of all, we are overjoyed to see that Leah’s mother got a great new hairdo. Phew.

Kailyn and Jo co-parent in a precarious state of peace for now (but we know that should Jo’s hip-hop alter-ego decide to emerge from his family’s Pennsylvania McNugget mansion, all this could change). And as usual, Kailyn’s struggle to be self-sufficient and create a stable life for her son is one of the most respectable moments of this week’s episode.

“Curveball” leaves us a bit bored and ready for the real drama to begin — and based on the season preview from last week, we know change is coming. Jenelle will be checking into rehab, Kailyn and Jo will have a
“reconciliation” of sorts (rawr) and Corey and Leah will discover more
about baby Aliannah’s health, and in the process, break up as a couple.

In case you missed last night’s social buzz, the consensus was overwhelmingly anti-Keiffer and pro-condoms. We gathered some of the most on-target #TeenMomTuesdays tweets:  

@WC_Problems: I can’t wait to watch Leah and Corey’s marriage unfold. That’s what happens when camouflage gets involved in a wedding #TeenMom #WCGP

@BreakiingNews: BREAKING: Cast of Toddlers in Tiaras to star in MTV’s Teen Mom 2… just give it a few years.

@lindsayakiely: No matter what, at least I’m not jenelle. #keifer #teenmom2

And, perhaps the most adorable yet disturbing tweet of all from last night:
@ChelseaHouska: Aubree is excited for Teen Mom 2 tonight!

What did you think of Episode 2 of “Teen Mom” Season 5? If you missed it, watch below. And make sure to send us your feedback next week when Episode 3 airs.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady