teen wolf currents derek boyd death mtv 'Teen Wolf' death: Derek, Danny or Boyd   Who dies in 'Currents'?

Bad things are going down on “Teen Wolf.” In the “Currents” episode, the bad things lead to death. Which major character dies? Find out in this recap.

They say ERs fill up on a full Moon

Thanks to a 10-car pile-up and a missing doctor, the ER is a rough place. It’s probably not really a full Moon though — the werewolves are the only calm ones in the place. The tension only grows when Ethan brings in a gasping and puking Danny.

OMG! Don’t hurt Danny!!!

For some reason, Danny has eaten some mistletoe (which is super poisonous and also totally a druid thing) and then his heart is about to stop. Fortunately, Mrs. McCall is around with her superior medical skills and a crazy-big needle. While Ethan and Scott look on in horror, she totally saves Danny’s life.


Why is it necessary for a nurse to do this? Apparently, the evil druid has moved on to “healers” on the list of sacrifices. This means both the ER doctor and the backup are no-shows — the backup, Dr. Hilliard, somehow dies in a car full of butterflies.

But that’s only two healers. Who is the third?

Uh oh. Vets count as healers. And Dr. Deaton seems to be running a butterfly hospital all of the sudden.

#StilinskiFamilyFeels = Best. Hashtag. Ever.

While Scott is getting freaky phone calls from vets while in class, Boyd and Isaac play hooky in order to protect Derek. The Alpha (who’s very not dead, by the way — yay sex!), isn’t impressed. That’s until he finds out that Boyd is planning to electrocute the Alpha pack when they attack.

Alas, Scott’s efforts are for naught — Dr. Deaton is gone. Scott thinks telling Sheriff Stilinski will help, but Miss Moreau (who is Deaton’s sister, in case you hadn’t caught that) says that Lydia will be of more use. That’s because she tends to track down supernatural things.

Lydia is busy. Busy with her Alpha Twin, that is. They get broken up first by a fire alarm and second by a very disapproving Cora. She’s been sent by Derek to end the Lydia-Aidan romance, since it’s all dangerous and stuff.

Lydia isn’t intimidated: “My last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard. So I think I can handle a werewolf.”

“Do you know any spirits?”

Things get weird at the high school at this point: Deucalion and Scott talk music while Stiles and Cora try to annoy Lydia into tracking down Deaton. Neither endeavor is particularly fruitful for quite awhile.

At least Deucalion tells Scott to let the current guide him after a minimum of beating. Lydia is a total bust. Danny, however, is the key. More precisely, his physics paper is the key: It’s a study of currents throughout the town.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Mrs. McCall and Sheriff Stilinski determine that the current crop of sacrifices were hung by their hands until they asphyxiated.

You can take the Argent out of the hunt, but you can’t take the hunt out of the Argent

After some sexy (and awkward, inadvertent bodily function-filled) closet time, Allison and Scott find out that Papa Argent isn’t quite as retired as we thought. In fact, he seems to be seriously on the hunt for bad druids. His map marks the sites of 12 kills — double the number everyone else knows about.

It’s fortunate that Argent doesn’t see Scott. That would make 13 deaths.

Yet another Derek plan gone wrong

When Boyd and Isaac came up with electrocuting Kali to save Derek, they forgot about how electricity needs a power source. Kali and her twins just cut the power. Add in a little threat to Derek’s new teacher girlfriend, and the good guys are screwed. Again.

Boyd ends up the most screwed, as usual. While turning the power on stops the big werewolf fight, Boyd still gets impaled on Alpha claws. As he dies, he flashes back to Erica’s death. This involves something about a lunar eclipse and then some nasty killing from Kali. Kali is a jerk.

Beacon Hills is a beacon? Funky …

It turns out that the town of Beacon Hills has a bunch of geomagnetic energy underneath it. This will certainly become important very soon. More important for the moment is that some “hot spots” may indicate where the sacrifices are happening.

Some funky correlating between Argent’s and Danny’s map points directly to that werewolf-trapping vault at the old bank.

What’s in that vault? Why it’s Dr. Deaton, of course! Scott’s rescue attempt doesn’t work too quickly though. Some forward-thinking person surrounded Deaton with a ring of magical ash. Werewolves not allowed.

The incredibly awesome Sheriff Stilinski, however, has no such problem. He just shows up and shoots through Deaton’s ropes, saving the day.

As it should be.

Scott is all, like, special and stuff

In his attempt to save Deaton, Scott’s eyes did the red thing again. This is not without meaning. Scott is special. Really, really special. Like once-in-100-years special. Scott’s going to save the world and stuff! But there are complications, naturally.

“Deucalion isn’t after Derek. He’s after you.” And with that, the entire focus of “Teen Wolf” Season 3 changes.

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