“Teen Wolf” is one of the most effectively interactive shows on TV. So when the program killed off a main character, Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), on Monday’s “Insatiable” episode, it wasn’t a huge surprise that MTV had a memorial page ready to go.

The “Teen Wolf Memorial” page has some somber photos and a place for fans to say goodbye to the character. If you want to get really sad, the video of Allison’s death scene is available for endless replay as well.

There is even a video featuring the cast of “Teen Wolf” Season 3 talking about the death and what it means to them. You can watch it below.

It obviously bothers them a lot — poor Crystal Reed looks like she’s literally crying when talking about her character’s death.

Was it a good death for you? Sound off in the comments and then ponder what could possibly be coming next in the “Teen Wolf” Season 3 finale Monday, March 24.

Posted by:Laurel Brown