teen wolf derek season 3 death mtv 'Teen Wolf' deaths: Which three characters die in Season 3?

Despite a lot of death in the first part of “Teen Wolf” Season 3, the horror has not ended yet. Rumors indicate that at least three more major characters will die before the show’s summer finale. Who could be the next to go?

Here are some possibilities, listed from most to least likely to die. Since there are supposed to be three more deaths in total, several of these names could end up in trouble.

Other than being a barefoot lady with weird nails, this character has little identity and little purpose. Her death would be easy and less-than-tragic.

It’s not like Derek needs to lose more family members. Unfortunately, Adelaide Kane, the actress who plays Cora, is the star of the upcoming series, “Reign.” She probably has to go in some manner.

Grandpa Gerard
That black goo is probably fatal. No one would cry too much if that turned out to be the case.

Miss Morell
Teachers drop like flies at Beacon Hills High School, so the guidance counselor and French teacher wouldn’t be a huge loss. She also went and allied herself with evil werewolves, so death might be the result.

All of Derek’s other turns have died, and Isaac has such a tragic air about him. Does this mean he’s doomed? It would certainly make an impact on the fans.

Ethan and/or Aidan
It wouldn’t be fair to the killed-off actor, but the presence of twins does kind of mean that one is expendable, right? It looks right now that the Alpha Twins are here to stay, but that can change quickly on “Teen Wolf.”

With everything going wrong for Derek, is death much of a stretch? Granted, it’s really, really, really hard to kill Derek.

Dr. Deaton
Having just survived a murder attempt, it seems unlikely that Deaton would succumb to death so quickly. But you never know.

Mrs. McCall
There has been a lot of foreshadowing of this one. On the other hand, how tragic would the loss of Mrs. McCall be? Could Scott handle it? Who would he live with, considering that his dad remains a mystery three seasons into the show.

Chris Argent
The death of Papa Argent poses the same problems as Mrs. McCall. Also, we need him around to explain the mythological stuff Stiles can’t find on the Internet.

Sheriff Stilinski
See above, re: parents. Also, Stiles can’t have something this awful happen to him, right? Right?!?

The Coach
Seriously, if “Teen Wolf” killed off the lacrosse/cross country coach, there wouldn’t be much point in continuing with the show.

It seems like “Teen Wolf” has more use for this evil werewolf. On the other hand, he’s an evil werewolf. People like that are supposed to die.

Would “Teen Wolf” be this cruel? We can only hope the answer is no.

Something weird is still going on with Lydia. It doesn’t seem to be leading toward death, but everything is so mysterious with this girl that we can’t rule it out.

We will just assume that Scott, Stiles and Allison make it through. Hopefully.

Posted by:Laurel Brown