teen wolf frayed derek hale dead mtv 'Teen Wolf': Did Derek die in 'Frayed'?

“I can’t believe Derek’s dead.”

When an episode of “Teen Wolf” began with a line from Scott that Derek Hale was dead, viewers had to know that bad things were coming. But could those bad things be as awful as Derek’s death? Say it ain’t so!

Alas, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) may indeed be done for.

Here are a few reasons why Derek might be dead and why Derek could still be alive:


  • Scott said he was dead. And Scott doesn’t lie very often.
  • The whole falling-off-the-roof-while-in-a-deadly-fight thing looked awfully deadly.
  • When even Scott has non-healing wounds, death is a small step.
  • It looks like Scott might be a full-on Alpha at this point. That does not bode well for Derek’s health.


  • In the final scene of “Frayed,” a very damaged but still alive Derek appeared at his would-be girlfriend’s car window. So he’s not quite dead yet.
  • The show spent the entire episode watching Derek die repeatedly. That usually means someone is alive.
  • The non-sequential nature of the episode makes everything in “Frayed” suspect.
  • In Season 1 of “Teen Wolf,” Derek got pierced through the heart and was fine the next morning. Could a little fall be much worse?

So is Derek Hale doomed or not? The answer will probably come next week. Until then, we can only wonder.

Posted by:Laurel Brown