dylan obrien 'Teen Wolf': Dylan O'Brien reveals Stiles' 3 rules... no kissing includedConsidering “The O.C.’s” Seth Cohen and “Buffy’s” Xander Harris are our favorite TV sidekicks of all-time, it shouldn’t come as much of surprise that our favorite character on MTV’s “Teen Wolf” is Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles.

O’Brien has managed to take a pretty iconic role (Jerry Levine‘s van surfing Stiles stole the original movie) and make it his own — His Stiles is witty, smart and the coolest “uncool” kid in school. Think of him as MTV’s very own Seth Cohen. Jackson (Colton Haynes) may get the girl, but at least Stiles gets the best lines. 

Zap2it chatted with O’Brien about tonight’s (June 13) episode, where Scott (Tyler Posey) must deal with two very important problems — his first possible kill and his first date with Allison (Crystal Reed).

“Scott’s starting to have to cope with the fact that he’s very dangerous and could actually kill people. So how episode three starts is there’s a murder. A bus driver’s been killed and Scott has a vivid dream about it and he doesn’t know if the dream is real, if he actually killed the bus driver or not,” O’Brien explains. “He needs Derek’s help to figure out how he can remember and how to recall situations like this when he goes into wolf form. Also, he has his first date night with Allison, so he’s dealing with that. That’s really funny because he has to go bowling with Lydia, Jackson and Allison.”

We also talked to O’Brien about Stiles’ wardrobe, why he’ll never kiss Lydia (or any other girl) and if he’ll ever get off the bench and make first line on the lacrosse team.

Had you seen the original movie before you auditioned for the show?

I didn’t even know what it was before I auditioned and then I started doing a little research when I had the audition and I found out it was this entire iconic cult kind of film from the ’80s. My character is particular is very iconic, such a figure. We all watched it as a cast together after we shot the pilot. Probably should have done it before.

Do you try to incorporate anything from Jerry Levine’s performance into your portrayal of Stiles?

Yeah, I do. I try to pay a little tribute to Jerry Levine’s version because when I saw his version, it struck me. It’s not like I would’ve just felt the need to pay homage and pay tribute, but it was really Jerry Levine’s performance that influenced me to work some of that in. What he influence the most about the way I play Stiles is the unconventionally cool kind of character — the quirky, weird guy who is not necessarily the popular jock, football player dude, but he’s cool and he’s infectious and people can relate to him.  People just like that guy.

Levine’s Stiles had a very specific style in the film that your Stiles seems to have taken to as well, with lot of graphic and/or vintage t-shirts. Was that a conscious decision?

Jerry Levine had such a specific wardrobe in the original, it’s not exactly what this would call for I guess, with the way we’re re-inventing it, but we still wanted to implement a little of Stiles’
 style, if you will. We have some funny t-shirts, just weird vintage-y t-shirts that he wears. For the first season, the style we mainly stuck with was those vintage t-shirts and the blazer or the plaid, but for Season 2, if there is a Season 2, the wardrobe guys said that they would want me to  come up with a bunch of t-shirt ideas, write them down and they would make them for me.  I could bring back the “What are you looking at, d*cknose?” or I could have “Wolf by association,” just funny Stiles shit like that.

Stiles is very much into the werewolf mythology and seems to do a
lot of the research for Scott. Are you interested in werewolves,
vampires and that genre at all?

No. I didn’t know
anything. Everything I’ve learned about werewolves or anything is just
through [creator] Jeff Davis’ scripts and all of his research that he does.
Literally never before in my life have I looked up one single werewolf

Will Scott’s new powers test his friendship with Stiles?

It definitely gets toyed with. Something I get asked a lot is “Is
Stiles jealous of Scott’s abilities?” It’s funny that we don’t touch on
that more because it seems common, but I think that’s just a testament
to the characters’ relationship. I think it obviously crosses his mind.
I think sometimes he obviously thinks about it like, “What if I was
bit? How come I didn’t get all these powers?” But he’s so loyal and I
think as everyone can see in the first couple of episodes he’s so
involved and so dedicated to Scott that I think all that loyalty trumps
the jealousy.

Stiles seems to have a crush on Lydia — can we expect to see a relationship develop between them?

It’s very funny how me and Jeff Davis go about my character because we’re always on the same page and he always say certain things that Stiles will never do. Stiles will never be a werewolf and Stiles will never kiss a girl.

Lydia is Stiles’ obsession, but I don’t think Stiles and Lydia would work. Later on in the season, that story is obviously played with just for the comedy mainly. It’s just such a funny dynamic with the spaz obsessed with the popular chick.

Will we see Stiles get off the bench and actually play in a lacrosse game this season?

That’s another never. I’ll never step foot on the field. We might toy with something where I finally get called in… Oh actually, later in the season Stiles makes first line, but it’s for literally a second. It’s really funny.

Watch an all-new episode of “Teen Wolf” tonight, Monday, June 13, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. 

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