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“Teen Wolf” Season 3 is not being nice to Stiles. Not only has the poor guy had to deal with sleep disturbances and the normal monsters of Beacon Hills, but he also may be possessed by an evil demon, the nogitsune.

Based on an extended trailer for “Riddled,” airing on Feb. 10, life is going to get worse for Stiles before it gets better.

When Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) goes missing, it’s up to Scott, Isaac and Lydia to track him down. The disturbed kid has been kidnapped by a man whose face is hidden by mummy-like bandages. But is the threat an external enemy or is it the demon within?

Could an evil Stiles be luring Scott and the others into danger? This season, anything seems possible.

“Riddled” airs Monday, Feb. 10 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown