scott teen wolf tyler posey 'Teen Wolf' finale recap: Scott and Stiles end up back where they began as a new enemy emergesIt’s no secret that we’re totally obsessed with “Teen Wolf” here at Zap2it, so when Jackson (Colton Haynes) died at the end of last week’s episode, we may or may not have held several prayer circles and candlelight vigils. We can neither confirm nor deny.

We were pretty anxious going into tonight’s Season 2 finale, and with good reason: the episode delivered death, gut-wrenching twists, heartbreaks… and, finally, a series of nerve-wracking cliffhangers.

As for Jackson’s death — let’s just say rumors were greatly exaggerated. Lydia (Holland Roden) was devastated by his passing, but everyone else seemed preoccupied. (Where were his adoptive parents? Shouldn’t they have been shedding some tears over his body?) Fortunately for us, Jackson did wake up before the midway point of the episode — and we were just about to compose a hate-tweet to show runner Jeff Davis, too! Turns out, Gerard (Michael Hogan) wasn’t quite done with his pet lizard.

Jackson led us to a pretty epic showdown between Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), Scott (Tyler Posey), the Kanima, and Allison (Crystal Reed). With all the swelling music and classic fight scene cinematography, the only thing that could’ve made that scene more intense is if they’d broken into a dance battle before Gerard showed up to claim his prize.

Yeah, if Gerard wasn’t scary enough before, he grew even more terrifying this week. It wasn’t too surprising to discover that Gerard was dying of cancer and wanted to use Derek to become a werewolf himself, in order to find a supernatural cure for what ailed him. What did shock us was his willingness to kill both his son and his granddaughter in his quest for survival and power. Fortunately, Gerard’s ruthlessness helped Allison and her father to align themselves with Scott as they realized they had a common enemy.

In one of the most surprising twists, Scott — who isn’t exactly known for his brain power and problem-solving skills — had a trick up his sleeve. With some help from Dr. Deaton, he’d swapped out Gerard’s ever-present pills with mountain ash. Fans of the show will recall that a supernatural being can’t come in contact with mountain ash. Instead of turning into a werewolf, Gerard, who had plenty of the stuff coursing through his veins, basically imploded.

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), who inexplicably went missing at the end of last episode, turned
out okay… or as okay as one can be. He bared his soul to Lydia,
begging her to consider the people around her as she sought to risk her
life, again, for Jackson. “You don’t care about getting hurt,” he said.
“If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind. Death doesn’t
happen to you, Lydia. It happens to everyone around you.” She seemed to
acknowledge his feelings for her for a split second — before once
again, she bailed. It paved the way for a powerful conversation between Stiles and his dad, who is always good for a tearjerker moment.

As for Jackson — it turned out that what he needed to find his identity wasn’t centered around his parents at all. Though Jackson and Lydia’s relationship may have seemed superficial to outsiders, it was deeper than we expected. Her returning his key to him, and reminding him of what they’d meant to each other, was enough to ground him — and when she swore that she was still in love with him, he finally made the full transition into a werewolf. (While naked and bathed by the Jeep’s headlights. In case you were wondering how that went.) It was actually pretty sweet.

The Scott/Allison romance didn’t fare quite as well. Though they did make up, they acknowledged that she couldn’t be with him right now… but he agreed to wait her out, because he believes they’re meant to be together. “There’s no such thing as fate,” she told him.

“There’s no such thing as werewolves,” he countered. Touche.

It wouldn’t be “Teen Wolf” unless the season ended with a handful of cliffhangers. Boyd and Erica were last seen in the woods, surrounded by a very angry pack with no escape strategy. Peter Hale — who is still very much alive — shocked Derek by revealing that the wolves have a new enemy now, because a full pack of Alphas has arrived in Beacon Hills.

Before we faded out, though, we saw a sweet moment between BFFs Stiles and Scott, who headed out to toss a lacrosse ball around to see if Stiles’ skills in last week’s game were just a fluke. In the midst of all the madness, it was nice to see them as they began — as two high school boys without much going for them but each other.

What did you think of the episode, “Teen Wolf” fans? Drop us a line in the comments below — and let us know if you’ve got any questions about Season 3. We’re speaking with Jeff Davis tomorrow, and we’re on a mission to get you some scoop!

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