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This is not a good time to be Stiles on “Teen Wolf.”

In addition to all of the murder and mayhem normal to the boy’s life, now someone or something is out there killing virgins. Obviously, psychotic werewolves are not enough in “Fireflies.” The show also needs a good virgin sacrifice!

Three virgins, three deaths

Three mysterious deaths come to light in “Fireflies.” Oddly, none of them seem to have anything at all to do with werewolves. Werewolves would be much, much better than whatever is the cause of these killings.

Heather, the unfortunate birthday girl whose wish to have sex with Stiles never came true, turns out to be but the first in a string of bizarre murders of virgins. Whatever hopes we might have had for her survival, Stiles’ first and possibly only chance for carnal happiness didn’t make it.

Next up, “Teen Wolf” gives us an anonymous lifeguard. Lydia, off on one of her “just because I’m not a werewolf, doesn’t mean I get to live a normal life” rambles, finds the young man out by the pool. He is very dead. Also, he wears a “purity” ring.

Virgin number 3 is a sweet girl named Emily who really shouldn’t have gone camping. Even before Emily disappeared beneath a swarm of millions of bugs, the snakes and critters of nature were getting to her. That Emily was about to sleep with her girlfriend for the very first time that night is just an extra sadness.

Takes one to know one?

Because we’re talking about something that requires thinking and not ripping to shreds, it’s Stiles that makes the connection between the deaths. He also does some research (off-camera, we assume) to discover that these murders are indeed sacrifices. All of the murdered virgins were strangled, had their throats slashed and then had their heads bashed in.

This version of overkill is the “threefold death.” It’s not much fun.

Even less fun is the idea that we have another virgin running around Beacon Hills: Stiles. While it’s safe to say that everyone else on “Teen Wolf” has done the deed, Stiles remains pure. This isn’t by choice, of course, which just makes Stiles’ danger even worse.

What if someone or something tries to kill Stiles before he can even take his shirt off?

Werewolves hunting werewolves

The Argents are supposedly out of the hunting game, so it’s up to the werewolves to hunt other werewolves. Boyd (whose first name is Vernon, by the way) and Cora are still out in the woods, being lunatics. There is a very valid concern that the pair of them might snack on some lightning bug-catching children before sunrise.

No matter how many people die on “Teen Wolf,” the show still tries to avoid murdering cute little kids.

With a little help from the not-so-retired Argents, the nice werewolves — Scott, Derek and Isaac — trap the crazy werewolves in the school. This would be an awesome plan if the sweet new English teacher weren’t also randomly hanging out in the school at approximately 4am.

Derek chooses to semi-sacrifice himself in order to save Miss Night-Owl from his feral puppies. It almost looks like those puppies are going to do him in before the night ends too.

But it’s really hard to kill Derek.

Okay, so bugs?

Having dealt with werewolves, a kanima and even garden-variety psychopaths, the evil minds behind “Teen Wolf” seem to have decided to terrorize us with bugs this season.

Yes, bugs.

Specifically, there are fireflies that light up even though Californian fireflies aren’t supposed to do that. We also have creepy beetle things that swarm on tents and over nice young lesbian girls. Oh, and there’s a chance that the insects are responsible for the virgin sacrifices too.

This season might be a rough one if even the bugs are in on the death and destruction. They’d just better not get Stiles!

Posted by:Laurel Brown