teen wolf mtv 'Teen Wolf': MTV announces premiere dateMTV is finally letting their dog out (zing!).

The network announced at their upfront presentation in New York City that their TV series version of the cult-classic “Teen Wolf” will premiere June 5, immediately following the MTV Movie Awards.

“Teen Wolf” stars Tyler Posey (yes, the little kid from “Maid in Manhattan”) as Scott McCall,a high school lacrosse player (basketball is so ’80s) whose life is changed when he’s bitten by a wolf in the woods.

Also starring in the film are Tyler Hoechlin as Derek, the werewolf responsible for changing Scott, Crystal Reed as Allison, Scott’s love interest, Dylan O’Brien as Stiles, the loyal best friend and Colton Haynes as Jackson, the star lacrosse player/resident jerk.

Unlike other werewolf fare currently on TV (“The Vampire Diaries” and “True Blood”), Scott and Derek don’t transform into actual wolves. They are Lycan
and still are in their human form, just with sharper teeth and longer
finger nails. Also, hairier.

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