teen wolf cast comic con 'Teen Wolf' post mortem: Derek changes Allison's family forever and more scoop from Comic ConIf this week’s “Teen Wolf” episode didn’t completely rock your socks off, you might want to get yourself checked out. If you haven’t seen it yet, consider this your spoiler alert and stop reading now! The episode contained all of our favorite things — a terrifying mom-villain, dirty dancing, the shadiest guidance counselor ever, and a little romance.

Most importantly, it ended with a huge twist. In order to save Scott’s life, Derek sank his teeth into Allison’s mom, Victoria Argent, who was preying on Scott’s athsma with a wolfsbane vaporizer in order to keep him away from Allison once and for all. We can’t say we blame Derek, but we were completely shocked — so, of course, we had to get the cast to weigh in. Here are our five major questions from the episode, answered.

1. Does Stiles have magical powers now? Nope. When he made the circle outside the concert, Stiles appeared to be shocked by how quickly it went, and some fans speculated that he’d done it with his mind. That’s not the case. “It was just a funny Stiles scene,” Dylan O’Brien says. “He’s left alone to complete this task, he’s got no idea what he’s doing, but he does it, and he’s coming up short, he’s got no help — I just looked at it as being really funny. He’s like ‘Oh, wow, okay.’ I actually think of it more of like, he just misjudged the distance, because there’s definitely no supernatural abilities going on with Stiles, ever.”

2. Are Jackson’s biological parents somehow linked to the Kanima? When it comes to the question of why Jackson became a Kanima instead of a werewolf, it’s not so much about his genetic history as it is about his mental state. “The reason why he turned into this instead of a werewolf has to do with more of a personality trait as opposed to a biological trait,” Colton Haynes tells us — but he does hint that the puppeteer, or the Master, may have some ties to Jackson’s history.

3. Will Allison and Scott be torn apart now that her mother has been bitten? That’s an understatement, Crystal Reed tells us. “One of you messed with one of me, and that’s it,” she says. “She’s going to seek vengeance in a physical way, and it’s going to get really bloody. She goes so deep into the darkness that Scott’s not even going to be able to recognize who she is anymore.”

4. Will Argent seek vengeance against Derek? “I’d always seen a mutual respect between Derek and Argent, J.R. Bourne’s character,” Tyler Hoechlin says. “Derek sees him as the honorable hunter who actually does play by the rules. Argent has always seen Derek as a threat but not a malicious threat the way that the Alpha was in Season 1. He’s not intentionally killing people. That will definitely put a rift in that relationship. That respect may be lost. Who knows what that does to Argent’s character, if it makes him someone who is as vengeful as Gerard. Obviously it’ll have an effect on Allison.”

5. Will Scott be okay? Obviously, Scott is the main character of the show — he’s not dying any time soon. But Victoria’s attack took a real toll on him. “It almost kills him, so he obviously has to take time to recover, which is cool because Scott can come back to life and heal,” Tyler Posey says, noting that the real injuries will be emotional, as Scott sees Allison turn against Derek. “Now Scott is a part of Derek’s pack, so it’s all going to be a big mix up. [Scott] is a good guy and wants things to be okay, and it’s never okay.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie