teen wolf season 3 summer finale preview mtv 'Teen Wolf' preview: 5 things to know about the Season 3 summer finale

“Teen Wolf” Season 3 will air its summer finale on Monday (Aug. 19) night. What is coming to Beacon Hills as the teenagers face down both the Alpha pack and the darach, Jennifer Blake?

While it would be awful to give out real spoilers about the amazing “Lunar Ellipse” episode, here are five things to know before you watch.

1. We learn something incredibly cool about the events of the “Teen Wolf” series premiere in the first few minutes of the Season 3 summer finale. Remember how it all began with Scott and Stiles out in the woods looking for a body? Well, there was a lot more to that event than we realized.

2. Scott will face down his long-absent father. But Allison is the one that will walk away triumphant from that moment.

3. There will be death before the summer episodes of “Teen Wolf” end. Who dies and how many deaths are we talking about? That must remain a mystery.

4. When tied up and waiting helplessly for death to arrive, don’t start to talk about how your back itches. That’s not going to help anything.

5. Even all-powerful, evil druids need to use smartphone apps to keep track of when lunar eclipses happen. This turns out to be fortunate when Scott needs to send a video message to taunt his enemy.

The “Teen Wolf” Season 3 summer finale airs Monday, Aug. 19 at 10pm on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown