teen wolf visionary recap derek paige death mtv 'Teen Wolf' recap: Death, blue eyes and baby Derek

Had enough death in “Teen Wolf” Season 3?

If so, that’s unfortunate, because “Visionary” has a whole bunch of death. There is also tragic love, some funky exposition and many flashbacks.


Some point in the kind of long ago past, a young (but still cute) Derek Hale runs through the woods, chased by a pack of Argent-led hunters. He and his savior then hide in a basement.
Alas, this story is just the beginning. The beginning of two stories, that is.

Peter Hale and the blue eyes

Between Peter and Cora Hale, Stiles gets to hear how Derek got his blue eyes and his somber outlook on life.

Gerard Argent and the black goop-tinged tale

Over in the creepy, goopy nursing home, Grandpa Argent oozes and hacks his way through a story of his own. Scott wants to know how to beat Deucalion and is offering a bit of pain relief in exchange.

The key to this whole tale: “Deucalion may have lost his eyes, but he’s not always blind.” Creepy, huh?

Uncle Peter

As metronomes are like super important this season, the blue-eyed tale continues with a pretty girl playing her cello to the beat of said time-marker. She doesn’t get to practice too long though, because Baby Derek and his pack of annoying boys are playing loud basketball in the hallway.

Not that Derek can resist sweet Paige’s charms. He plays the girl and a triangle equally well. Soon Baby Derek and Sweet Paige are happily making out in abandoned structures — interrupted only by the scent of blood and by the arrival of a large Alpha pack.

Check that: It’s the Alpha pack. Looking pretty much just like they do now, Deucalion and the rest show up in the barn. Except that blind Deucalion could see back then.

Grandpa Argent

Somehow or other, Grandpa Argent knows that the Alphas were all there to get guidance from a shape-shifting werewolf named Talia Hale. She’s probably Derek’s mother. Whatever the case, some of the Alphas just wanted a vendetta after one of their werewolves were killed.

But they couldn’t even get the dead werewolf’s body released from the morgue, so the vendetta was never likely to work out well.

Uncle Peter

Baby Derek wasn’t into vendettas at this point. He was into Paige. Derek was so into Paige, in fact, that he wanted her to be a werewolf. Unfortunately, as Peter pointed out, the whole “I’m a werewolf” thing was likely to be a stumbling block.

The solution? Peter thought Derek should turn Paige into a werewolf. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that plan, right?

Grandpa Argent

In their hunt for the werewolves, Grandpa and Papa Argent found a tree marked with druidic symbols. This brought about a bunch of exposition about werewolf origins and druids.

It’s all very complicated. But here are the basics:

  • An ancient guy named Lycaen (or something like that) challenged Zeus — never a good choice — and got himself turned into a wolf.
  • Lycaen and his family turned to the druids for help, because the druids knew how to shape-shift.
  • The druids didn’t exactly explain everything though, so some druids continued to act as advisers over time.

Uncle Peter

Peter and Cora tell Stiles about a particular type of druid called an emissary. Both Deaton and his sister, Miss Morell, are of course emissaries. Deaton was even the emissary for Derek’s mother, back in the day. At that point, he urged caution when approaching the Argents for a peace treaty.

Meanwhile, at the-high-school-that-should-really-be-locked-at-night-considering-all-that-goes-on-there, Ennis the Alpha showed up to bite Paige.

Even though this was Derek’s idea, he tried to stop Ennis. That didn’t work.

Grandpa Gerard

Even though Deucalion totally came to make peace with the Argents, Gerard never believed it. Thanks to the overuse of the “Scorpion and Frog” story, no one trusted anyone.

Gerard tells the kids that the werewolves attacked in an ambush, but that wasn’t exactly the case. Instead, Gerard sprayed everyone with some werewolf-neutralizing gas. Then he went to town on the werewolves with a spiked club.

Uncle Peter

Paige didn’t turn. She just got sick.

Grandpa Gerard

Deucalion tried to crawl away from the gassy building. Gerard wasn’t having anything to do with this plan though. After a bit of vision-related wordplay, Crazy Nutball Argent stabbed Deucalion in the eyes with some sparklers.

teen wolf visionary recap gerard deucalion sparklers mtv 'Teen Wolf' recap: Death, blue eyes and baby DerekIt was disgusting.

Uncle Peter

Paige told Derek she knew all about the werewolf thing the whole time, thereby making the whole tragic bite into an even worse sorrow for Derek. After awhile, she started to plead for death from the poor boy.

He did it too. The process changed Derek’s pretty gold eyes into the blue eyes of death, just like Peter’s.

Grandpa Gerard

A now-blind Deucalion was attacked by his Beta just moments after being told about the eye issues. That was a major fail for the Beta. It seems, you see, that Deucalion can see just fine when he is a werewolf.

Who are you gonna believe?

These stories over, both Scott and Stiles realize something important: They can’t trust the narrators.

Scott gets all scary werewolf about this, while Stiles gets super-nerdy. But the result is the same — no matter how much new information they have, no one can fully trust anything or anyone at this point.

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