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Some episodes of “Teen Wolf” don’t have a lot of action. Those episodes are made up for by ones like “Alpha Pact.” In one single hour, the following things happen:

  • Scott dies. Allison dies. Stiles dies. Ms. Morrell dies (probably).
  • Lydia kisses Stiles.
  • Scott’s dad returns to town.
  • The plans start to come together nicely.

It’s amazing and thrilling and chilling and wet and wild in all the best ways. Now you can relive it all in this recap!

They broke the hospital

No matter how bad things are, no episode of “Teen Wolf” can be all bad if it starts with Stiles slapping Derek repeatedly. The news isn’t good though: Scott is gone, Cora is still sick, and Jennifer is rapidly adding parents to her sacrifice collection.

Also, the hospital is a big mess. Everyone scatters — but not before they see the name “Argent” written in red paint across the elevator doors. This is probably very important.

The sad world of Derek Hale

“Anger is just a tool. He’s using it to excuse shifting allegiance from
one Alpha to another. From you to Scott.” — Peter to Derek

It’s a good thing Derek is hot, because he really doesn’t have much else going for him these days. As Cora chokes her way slowly toward death, Derek doesn’t do much besides stare at her. This angers Isaac, who eventually stomps off to go help the more-active Argents.

Peter, helpful as always, points out that this is yet another sign of how Scott is going to be the Alpha instead of Derek.

The thing is, Derek might be able to save Cora if he performs some dangerous healing thing that will — at best — render him a Beta. Peter alternately encourages and discourages this tactic, which is just plain confusing.

Despite the fact that, by saving Cora, Derek will need to face Kali and the other Alphas as a lowly Beta, he goes for it. After all, the only thing Derek is even remotely good at is loving his family. Kind of. So Derek flexes his considerable muscles, and we see his eyes turn blue — just as Cora wakes up.

The Argents out-bada** everyone

“I thought you guys were retired.” — Stiles

Papa Argent doesn’t think the other parents are dead, because he has been secretly reading maps and plotting for quite awhile now and consequently knows a lot. He also has an impressive number of weapons with which to kill stuff.

Stiles seems somewhat disturbed by the armory actually. Isaac is less-disturbed when he shows up to offer his fingernails in the service of the cause.

With Stiles sent off to talk to Lydia about finding a few more dead bodies, the Argents and Isaac head to that bank vault to search for clues or maybe Jennifer. That’s not terribly clear. What is clear is that Chris Argent isn’t in this to kill Jennifer. He wants to get kidnapped by her. After all, if an Argent can’t handle a beastie like Miss Blake, no one can.

Jennifer is happy to accept this challenge — and her final “guardian” sacrifice.

Too bad this doesn’t work out quite as planned for Papa Argent. Jennifer turns out to be a smart darach, so she takes all of Argent’s weapons before leaving him in the root cellar with Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski. Chris does have some sort of werewolf-whistle — which might help to save them if other measures (see below) fail. Weaponless and very tied-up, the parents share stories of awful stuff like the night Stiles’ mother died.

Her name was Claudia (which seems like it should be very important), and Stilinski was dealing with a traffic accident when she died. Poor Stiles was the only one present for the death.

Kisses and trees!!!

“It’s a tree. I draw trees.” — Lydia

While everyone else is out getting stuck in bank vaults, hovering over death beds and running with Alpha packs, Stiles and Lydia … go to school? Seriously?

It’s fortunate that the two brainiacs of the group can multi-task, since they discuss banshees and why Jennifer wanted Lydia dead and so on. But before any plans can be made, Stiles gets a text saying that Papa Argent was taken.

Stiles has an understandable panic attack at this news. Nothing much seems to be helping until Lydia remembers something about how holding your breath stops the attack. And for Lydia, holding your breath means passionate kissing.

Not that there is anything to complain about in this. Stiles gets a kiss! And hopefully Lydia figures out what she’s been missing.

Cute, awkward moments pass before the twosome decides to go find and interrogate Miss Morrell. Who is inconveniently missing in action. There still is a clue in Lydia’s therapy file. It seems to be filled with tree drawings. That’s because Lydia has been drawing the same tree repeatedly for a while now.

We might not be looking at the tree the right way though. Turned upside-down, the tree branches become the roots of the mystical druid cellar.

It’s really too bad that absolutely no one seems to remember where this root cellar is located. That is terribly inconvenient. Also inconvenient is an FBI agent who shows up to interrogate Stiles about where the others are. Stiles is evasive, and there is a definite sense that these two know (and dislike) each other.

Who is this guy anyway?

Scott and the Alphas

“I’ll kill any living thing that gets in my way.” — Deucalion

Instead of counseling grief-stricken teens, Miss Morrell is out in the dark woods, running for her life. Finally cornered by the Alphas — who have brought along Scott for murder and firefly viewing — Morrell makes an ash circle. The wolves can’t get in the counselor’s safe zone, so she takes some time to provide exposition.

Kali finds out that Deucalion killed Ennis. Scott finds out that the parents are in the root cellar. We all find out that Morrell really just wants balance in nature.

Then Deucalion spears her with his blind-man cane. This may be the end for Miss Morrell.

Everybody dies

“Like a tattoo …” — Scott

The Alphas evidently don’t have Scott on a short leash, because he soon meets up with Stiles, Deaton and the rest of the kids. They need to find the root cellar and the mystical current, but the only method of doing so is dangerous. Really dangerous. Like everybody-is-going-to-die-now levels of dangerous.

Deaton trots out his handy ice baths again. This time, the three children of the Guardian sacrifices — Scott, Allison and Stiles — have to be drowned in well-seasoned ice water (and then hopefully brought back) in order to make the root cellar location known. Basically, they’re surrogate sacrifices.

Only a few dangers are associated with this. For one, they might stay dead. Also, the druid center of Beacon Hills will light up — like a beacon — to attract supernatural beasties of all sorts. Finally, each of the surrogates will come back with some permanent darkness around their hearts.

This is like a tattoo. But creepier.

Who’s your daddy?

“By the way, if I don’t make it back and you do, you should probably know something: Your dad’s in town.” — Stiles to Scott

It’s ice-bath time! In order to come back, each sacrifice needs someone to help. That means Lydia and Stiles are together, as are flirty Allison and Isaac. Scott is stuck with Deaton by default. Then it’s time for full immersion.

Stiles has a message for Scott before they all die — the boy’s long-lost father is in town! Yes, the mean FBI agent who kept bugging Stiles is actually Scott’s dad. That should have been expected. But it wasn’t.

Well-played, “Teen Wolf”!

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