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“Teen Wolf” continues with its parade of disturbing deaths in “Unleashed.” This time, it’s Mr. Harris (Adam Fristoe), the chemistry teacher, who falls prey to the serial killer/supernatural creature/messed-up druid of Beacon Hills.

But what is the purpose of this sad death, a departure that deprives us of the most messed-up Beacon Hills High teacher? Find out in this recap.

Human sacrifice: It’s not just for virgins anymore!

We can all rest easy: The creepy killer of virgins has moved on in “Unleashed.” The newest murder victims have all had plenty of sex in their lives, so that’s no longer the motive. But what is?

The first victim — your standard Beacon Hills hottie with a cute little dog — seems to die as a result of stupidity. I mean, what kind of person continues to reach under a car after a) his dog is somewhere else, b) whatever is down there bit him and c) a creepy voice whispers “Come closer!” repeatedly?

Victim number 2 is a little more ambiguous. We learn about this unlucky fellow when Lydia randomly finds herself in music class. This being Lydia and a supernatural event, she of course has no idea of how she got there. But when Lydia finds a recording full of scary music and deadly piano chords, that indicates a murder has occurred.

As for a connection, that turns out to be the military. The new deaths are all “soldiers.” A third murder will complete the trifecta, but more about that later. For now, we can simply rest easy, knowing that Danny’s refusal to “sex” Stiles will not result in the boy’s death.


Isaac vs. the Wonder Twins

Not surprisingly, Isaac is still holding a grudge against the Wonder Twins for that time they nearly killed him and Motorcycle Girl. Alas, for Isaac, these twins are Alphas who have a freaky way of combining into a single, giant werewolf whenever they need to attack. They also like to silently beat each other up in order to stick Isaac in detention.

Basically, these are jerks. Hot, quiet jerks.

Isaac thinks they’re more than jerks though — he thinks they’re the ones committing the murders all over town. Enlisting Scott to help in the fight, Isaac tries to prove the twins’ murderous ways on the cross-country course and in the hallway.

He proves nothing other than that the twins are way better at setting up their enemies for disaster. This continues during the detention period. Allison (who had been sleeping in French class, tired out from her midnight archery fun) and Isaac get paired for their punishments, sent to the dark and confining space of the janitor’s closet for the duration.

It’s awkward. But the two do confirm that no one is supposed to know Allison is engaging in anti-werewolf tactics.

Now we get to the point where we can admire the continuity of “Teen Wolf.” In Season 2, we learned that Mr. Leahy used to punish Isaac by locking him in a freezer. Isaac has some lingering claustrophobia issues from this, and they all rush to the surface when the twins (probably) jam the closet door shut.

But this is more than just episode 824 of “Trapped in the Closet.” Isaac freaks out and then wolfs out, putting Allison in danger. Sure, Scott comes to the rescue before his beloved can be eaten, but the girl gets a nasty scratch (will this be a problem?) and a desire to help Isaac get his revenge.

Scott, Isaac and Allison do this by hitting the twins where it hurts: their motorcycles. A few key parts removed from one bike and Isaac riding the second through the hall, and the twin named Aidan gets his own detention. Yay!

Derek’s heart: Pierced by Cupid’s arrow and then Deucalion’s big stick

Derek Hale has never been given much to smiling. Maybe that’s because he needs a girlfriend? If the cute and otherwise unimportant scene between Derek and English teacher Jennifer is anything to go by, this may have been Derek’s problem all along.

He has new problems now. A training sequence with Cora rapidly turns into yet more torture (a big theme of this season, isn’t it?) at the hands (paws?) of the Alpha pack.

Why must they torment Derek so? It seems to be a recruiting tactic. Derek is forced to listen to an extended evil monologue from Deucalion — punctuated with thunder at appropriate moments, of course — in which he (along with the audience) learns how the Alpha pack came to be. Once upon a time, you see, each of these Alphas killed all of his or her Betas. By doing so, they absorbed the multiple strengths.

It’s apparently a great rush.

Will Derek follow in these Alpha footsteps? That question is left to another episode. We do, however, get a hint that Derek is considering the possibility. Because of this, poor Isaac gets kicked out, forced to bunk with Scott instead.

Tie a science teacher ’round the old oak tree!

At this point, let us pause a moment to remember Mr. Harris. The secretive, unpleasant, Stiles-hating chemistry teacher meets his untimely — although possibly deserved — end in “Unleashed.” Since Harris was once a military man, he counts as a soldier and is thus the third sacrifice of the episode.

What kind of sacrifices are these? Thanks to the Google skills of Stiles and the mysterious knowledge of Dr. Deaton, it becomes clear that this is some twisted version of a druidic ritual. Only we’re not dealing with a good druid — named for the “Great Oak.” Instead, it’s a druid gone wrong, a “darach.” That means “Dark Oak.”

And a dark oak is exactly where we last see Mr. Harris. As the rain pours down, Harris begs his soon-to-be killer — someone he obviously knows — for mercy.

That doesn’t work out so well. RIP, Mr. Harris!

And a few entertaining quotes to end it all …

“Someone needs to sex me right now!” — Stiles

“I don’t need to have you turning into a bunch of fat-a**es in the off-season.” — Lacrosse coach

“He wasn’t on the team, was he?” — Lacrosse coach, about the dead student

“Scott, your eyes turn into yellow glowsticks, OK? Hair literally grows from your cheeks and then immediately disappear. And if I were to stab you right now, it would just magically heal. But you’re having trouble with human sacrifice?” — Stiles

“Mr. McCall, if your bladder suddenly exploded and urine began to pour from every orifice, I would still respond ‘One at a time.’ Is that enough hyperbole for you, or would you like me to come up with something more vivid?” — Mr. Harris

“I’m a man with far more vision than simple murder.” — Deucalion

“I am the Alpha of Alphas! I am the apex of apex predators! I am death, destroyer of worlds! I am the Demon Wolf!!! … Hate it when that happens.” — Deucalion, after thunderclaps and the sheer evil of his own voice break his glasses

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