stiles derek teen wolf sterek 'Teen Wolf' scoop: The 'Sterek' scene between Stiles and Derek that you didn't seeHey, “Teen Wolf” fans: We need to talk about Sterek. If you’ve been living under a rock (or, you know, you just don’t have Tumblr), “Sterek” is the fan name for a potential romantic pairing of Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin).

On the show, the characters are written as straight guys — but some very passionate fans of the show see them as soulmates who complete each other. And who should totally make out like, all the time.

Even MTV and the actors have gotten on board with the phenomenon. If you were watching closely this week, MTV featured a fan’s drawing of Stiles and Derek snuggling on a couch on national television. At Comic-Con, O’Brien and Hoechlin were asked about the possibility of a Sterek hookup, and they reached across the table to hold hands as Hoechlin said, “Honestly, on this show it’s 50/50,” as to whether Derek would get a girlfriend or just date Stiles.

Of course, when we got showrunner Jeff Davis on the phone to talk to him about Season 3, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask him about all the Sterek-friendly moments that were written into the show. The characters clung to each other in a pool, exchanged loaded glances all the time, and at one point found themselves lying on top of each other for most of an episode, paralyzed by supernatural forces. One of the season’s major villains even commented that they’d make a great pair.

tyler hoechlin dylan obrien 'Teen Wolf' scoop: The 'Sterek' scene between Stiles and Derek that you didn't seeDavis swears that he didn’t write those moments in to toy with fans’ fraglie emotions. In fact, Season 2 was already finished and locked by the time he discovered just how devoted the fans were to the potential coupling.

“What’s funny is that I really didn’t know anything about that until a few months ago,” he laughs. “All of that stuff was already written! It’s funny, because the fans treat it as if we’re making it now, but it’s not true at all. All that stuff is done, months ago, and I didn’t know anything about it.”

Now that he does know, though, he’s certainly not going to avoid writing those, uh, tense scenes between the reluctant allies. “Now that I know, it’ll be interesting to see how knowing will influence the writing later on,” Davis teases.

What you didn’t know is that Stiles and Derek were supposed to get even closer in Season 2 than you saw on screen. Davis tells us that the scene where Stiles and Derek are paralyzed on the floor, with Stiles lying completely on top of Derek’s body, was going to take an undeniable turn.

“They would’ve gone bonkers for the scene that I had originally planned,” Davis laughs. “You can print this. The idea was Stiles paralyzed on top of Derek, and Stiles says to Derek, ‘Wait a minute! I can still move my tongue.’ So the scene would have been Stiles pushing his tongue against Derek’s face, trying to get himself off using just his tongue.”

Trying to get himself off of Derek, you guys. Simmer down.

“Eventually, the tongue ends up in Derek’s ear, and Derek’s saying, ‘Stop. Just stop. Just stop,'” Davis tells us. “Dylan loved that idea when I pitched it to him.”

Ultimately, the scene was cut for two reasons — one, there wasn’t enough time to fit it into the episode. And two, it wasn’t a good fit tonally. “I felt like it would be just a little too silly in the midst of this otherwise very traumatic, drama-heavy episode,” Davis says.

But hey, at least it’s fodder for your fan fiction now, right?

For more scoop on “Teen Wolf” and what’s to come in Season 3, read our full interview with Davis here. MTV hasn’t yet confirmed a start date for the 24-episode season, but you can bet that as soon as they do, Zap2it will let you know!

[UPDATE Friday, August 17 3:20 p.m. PST] We love this article from EOnline about Sterek, shipping, and slash fans. Check it out!

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