teen wolf dylan obrien tyler posey scott stiles gallery mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 2 premiere: 5 things to expect from the hotter, darker Beacon HillsWhen “Teen Wolf” executive producer Jeff Davis sat down to write Season 2, he figured he’d up the ante a little bit.

“Somewhere in my twisted, dark mind, I decided to get gorier, sexier, darker, and scarier,” he tells Zap2it. We’ve seen the first two episodes, and we can promise — he delivers.

“Teen Wolf” returns to MTV at 11 p.m. EST, right after the MTV Movie Awards, this Sunday, June 3. On June 4, we’ll get another hour-long episode in the show’s usual 10 p.m. EST timeslot. The first two episodes are quite a wild ride, and while we can’t give away too much, we have scrounged up five things to expect from the double whammy.

1. Lots of shirtless Jackson. We’re beginning to think that shirts are allergic to Colton Haynes, and we’re totally okay with that. The season begins with Jackson emerging from the lake (no, we don’t know how he got there, but we’re glad he did), with Derek’s telltale werewolf bite marring his side. We expected Jackson to be turned after last season’s scary finale cliffhanger, but as the full moon approaches, look forward to a surprising twist to Jackson’s story. When things don’t go as planned (for Derek or Jackson) new questions will arise about Jackson’s biological family.

2. Grandpa Argent is a scary dude. That gory, dark, scary part that Davis was talking about comes when Grandpa Argent (Michael Hogan) shows up for Aunt Kate’s funeral — and decides to stick around. He’s a very seasoned werewolf hunter and he shows little mercy, as we see when he comes across a wolf in the woods — a moment that scares Scott enough to make him reconsider his stance on joining Derek’s pack. Don’t expect Gramps to be a clear-cut villain, though. When he becomes the principal at Beacon Hills High, he may prove a surprising ally for some of our heroes.

teen wolf colton haynes shirtless 'Teen Wolf' Season 2 premiere: 5 things to expect from the hotter, darker Beacon Hills3. Lydia loses it. If you were expecting to find out what Lydia is within the first couple of episodes… don’t hold your breath. The mystery behind Lydia’s bizarre transformation will be a major plot point for the first part of the season. What we can promise is plenty of adventure on the way to an answer — and possibly the least-sexy on-screen shower scene since “Psycho.” Let’s just say that the first time Stiles sees her naked probably isn’t quite what he’d hoped it would be.

4. Stiles will break your heart. We’ll happily go on record and say that, just like in Season 1, Dylan O’Brien is the best part of the show. In the season opener, he offers plenty of laughs (wait til you hear what he talks about in his sleep) and the irreverent, quick-witted comebacks we’ve come to appreciate from him. But this season, he’ll be much more than just the comic relief. Look for a foxhole scene between Stiles and Scott that will remind you just what these kids have been through over the last year — and why they’re still best friends.

5. Murder in Beacon Hills! First of all, we should say that John Wesley Shipp (aka Dawson Leery’s dad) is phenomenal as he plays against type in a downright disturbing portrayal of an abusive father. But when he gets what’s coming to him, we’ll be reminded that a werewolf’s instinct is not exactly to be warm and cuddly and play fetch with a tennis ball. New character Isaac offers a new twist on the werewolf mythology we’ve seen so far in the show.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie