teen wolf season 2 stiles 'Teen Wolf' Season 2 promo: What are you expecting?“Teen Wolf” fans have been anticipating Season 2 since last summer, and we’ve finally got a premiere date to look forward to. It will premiere at a special time on Sunday, June 3 at 11:00 p.m. ET,
immediately after the MTV Movie Awards, then return to its usual 10 p.m. EST
timeslot on Monday, June 4.

A new promotional trailer hit the web this week… but it leaves a lot up to interpretation. “Everyone wants to be a hero,” we hear Scott (Tyler Posey) say, with a shot of him wolfing out. As the camera focuses on Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), we hear, “Everyone thinks that when their moment comes, they’ll know exactly what to do” — and then there’s a flash of someone attacking him in a hallway with what looks like a syringe.

“You hope you’ll have what it takes to save someone,” continues Alison (Crystal Reed). Jackson (Colton Haynes) adds, “But not everyone does.”

The new alpha, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) says, “And you’ll never know until you’re tested.”

Lydia (Holland Roden), the wild card of the season, is the last series regular to make an appearance. Check out the video below!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie