new teen wolf characters 'Teen Wolf' Season 2 scoop: New characters played by Daniel Sharman, Michael Hogan, Stephen Lunsford“Teen Wolf” fans, we’ve got big news for you! The MTV hit series’ second season began filming today (Dec. 1) in Atlanta, and there were some new faces on set.

As we know, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) was upgraded to Alpha status in the
Season 1 finale, and he’s on a mission to create that coveted pack
mentality. Daniel Sharman, who you can currently see in theaters as Ares in “Immortals,” has been brought on board as Isaac, a new member of Derek’s wolf pack.

Fans of the original “Teen Wolf” movie remember that when Michael J. Fox wolfed out, he was suddenly cool, confident, and a basketball star. Isaac and another new character, Erica are a nice nod to that, since they’re introduced as nerdy, timid characters… but thanks to Derek’s bite, they gain a whole new swagger. Isaac in particular is having some trouble at home, and his wolf side gives him the chance to make some big changes.

No word yet on whether Derek successfully turned Jackson, but seeing as Colton Haynes is back in Atlanta, we’re guessing (and hoping) that Jackson did survive that nasty bite.

TVGuide also reports several other newbies joining the show. “Battlestar Gallactica’s” Michael Hogan is set to play Allison’s grandfather, who, like her dad, is really into the werewolf-hunter business. Stephen Lunsford, who played teen baby-daddy Dink on “Private Practice,” will star as a high school photography student with a thing for Allison.

No premiere date has been announced for Season 2 yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie