teen wolf cast 500 'Teen Wolf' Season 2 Trailer teases epic return with bonus shirtless Colton HaynesOkay, we’ll admit it: Last year, when we heard about MTV’s latest push toward scripted series, we were extremely skeptical. Now, “Teen Wolf” and “Awkward” are among our most anticipated shows of the summer.

Judging by the epic teaser trailer for the second season of “Teen Wolf,” we’ve got plenty to look forward to. There’s major drama in the romance department — Alison’s dad is still looking to kill Scott, which doesn’t exactly help the mood in their make-out session — but that’s the least of everyone’s worries.

The Beacon Hills High pack is not only with the newly-Alpha’d Derek, who keeps turning innocent kids into werewolves, but they’re also confronted with a new creature this season. Perhaps that’s the secret behind Lydia’s scary transformation in the Season 1 finale?

Check out the promo below, if not for the plot teases, then for the very shirtless Colton Haynes. You won’t regret it.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie