teen wolf riddled stiles dylan obrien season 3 villain mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3: 7 reasons why evil Stiles would be the best villain

At the end of the “Teen Wolf” episode, “Silverfinger,” it became all too clear that something was wrong with Stiles. Whether or not everyone’s favorite sidekick has been possessed by a nogitsune — and whether or not Stiles knows anything about this — it doesn’t look good.

Stiles could very well end up being the big enemy of “Teen Wolf” Season 3. And that could be incredible. Here are 7 reasons why.

1. Emotional pain and suffering for everyone!

According to Silverfinger himself, killing is the only way to defeat a nogitsune. If Stiles is indeed possessed by one, that means that the heroes of “Teen Wolf” will have to kill him. Think about what that means for Scott — could he even conceive of killing his best friend? Could any of the others harm a guy whose likability is second only to Danny?

The chances of “Teen Wolf” actually killing off Stiles might be low, but it’s going to be a rough and emotionally devastating road for the show to get there. That would be amazing to see.

2. Stiles would be an incredible villain.

Think about it: Stiles is charming, knowledgeable and way smarter than everyone (except maybe Lydia). He can outsmart the werewolves at every turn. Add in funky nogitsune stuff, and the young man could easily be unstoppable.

3. He has a villain back-story ready to go.

Would someone like Stiles really be OK always playing the sidekick to Scott? How many times can Lydia reject him before it truly hurts? Being the normal one has to rankle on the kid occasionally, right? These are the kinds of things that make for a perfect super-villain once there is just a little push.

Add in the fact that Stiles lost his mother at a young age (see reason number 4 for more on this) and that his father is about to be crucified by Scott’s father, and the seeds have all been planted for villainy. Stiles just needs to head that direction.

4. This might be his fate.

Shortly before Claudia Stilinski died 10 years ago, she complained of the same, insomnia-related symptoms that Stiles now has. Was the woman’s death supernatural in some way? If it was, could Stiles have inherited something that puts him in danger? A genetic tendency toward darkness could add weight to Stiles’ descent into evil.

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5. His redemption would totally be worth it all.

Assuming “Teen Wolf” wouldn’t actually let Stiles die, he would have to be redeemed from evil instead. Could the teen win back the trust and friendship of Scott? Will the others ever accept him again? Would a return from badness make Stiles more attractive to Lydia? The stories pretty much write themselves.

6. Someone has to be the enemy.

The second half of “Teen Wolf” Season 3 has a bad-guy problem: There isn’t one.

Now that the Oni have been revealed to be essentially good smoke ninjas only trying to root out evil, who is really the villain of these episodes? There are hints that the nogitsune could be that enemy, and Stiles is the only likely candidate for the role. Sure, the show could bring in a new baddie or could give us a surprise enemy, but it’s much easier just to make Stiles go rotten.

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7. Dylan O’Brien would kill it.

O’Brien is pretty much the breakout star of “Teen Wolf,” and with good reason. An acting newcomer before the show began, O’Brien has turned Stiles into a second lead. The guy can act. What better way to show this off than to drastically change Stiles’ behavior into that of a villain? Audiences have seen him play crazy already, so now it’s time for crazy-evil.

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Posted by:Laurel Brown