At this point, everything coming from “Teen Wolf” Season 3 is terrifying. But the extended promo for the upcoming “Insatiable” episode makes it clear that no one is prepared for what is about to come.

It’s almost heartbreaking to look at the characters’ faces in this video, knowing that their lives are about to undergo such upheaval. The good guys aren’t just going to win this one — a character is going to die. It only remains to be seen who that might be.

Meanwhile, Evil Stiles is still out wreaking havoc (and shooting at the Twins?), while real Stiles might be dying back at the sheriff’s station. What does it mean for there to be two Stileses out there anyway?

In a clip from the episode, the evil version of Stiles has Lydia cornered in the stairwell where the nogitsune once captured the internment camp prisoners. Although Lydia does not technically get hurt in this incident, she does not enjoy the experience either.

That’s exactly what Evil Stiles wants.

Assuming that both Stiles and Lydia survive the season, what is this going to do to their future attraction? It may be a good thing that Stiles has met Malia.

The “Teen Wolf” episode, “Insatiable,” airs Monday (March 17) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown