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“Teen Wolf” Season 3 is over. The nogitsune is gone. Stiles has been saved from the monster inside him. It only took one more major death (Aiden, plus scores of victims at the hospital and sheriff’s station) to end it all with “The Divine Move.”

Oh, and it looks like crazy Kate Argent is back too. She’s a werewolf now, because if there’s one thing Beacon Hills desperately needs, it’s another criminally insane werewolf running loose.

Various odd expressions of grief

The death of Allison and the impending defeat expected at the hands of the nogitsune have everyone feeling down in this episode. That’s fair. Surprisingly, there are several different ways of dealing with the situation.

Kira’s family goes back to talking about Go, which seems to be their fallback in literally every situation ever. They also have chamomile tea. The tea doesn’t soothe Stiles very much, who knows he’s about to die sooner rather than later.

Scott and Lydia, meanwhile, go the keep-busy route and talk to Dr. Deaton about how they might trap the nogitsune now that the Nemeton is pretty much defunct. The mystical vet mentions that something carved out of the super-tree’s wood might help.

Something like a wooden box in which Derek has been storing his dead mother’s claws …

Moving on to Argent and Isaac, the man is pretty much in full denial about having feelings and is already working hard on the cover story for his daughter’s death. It’s actually a rather impressive performance from JR Bourne, playing the guy who can’t have feelings even though he totally does.

But Isaac is breaking down and playing with weapons. This latter coping strategy brings up Allison’s dying words and her pre-death bonding/weapon-making with her dad.

Quickly, Argent and Isaac realize that silver is poisonous to the Oni, but only if it stays inside them. Silver bullets are therefore useless, but Allison’s four remaining silver arrows will do the trick.


Brief bit of education to anyone unfamiliar with the concept of a “red-shirt” in television: On the original “Star Trek,” red-uniformed, random crew members accompanied the main characters on missions and inevitably died as a result.

Ever since then, characters who exist only to die on TV have been called red-shirts.

“Teen Wolf” gives us a whole hospital full of red-clad victims to fall before Oni swords. It’s kind of awesome.

Less awesome is the fact that Oni attacks on that hospital, the sheriff station and Deaton’s office have left everyone Stiles counts on — specifically Melissa, the Sheriff and Dr. Deaton — slashed by Oni swords and somehow poisoned. Unless Stiles dies, everyone else will succumb.

The only bright side of this subplot is that the McCall parents seem on the verge of reconciliation. Also we learn that Agent McCall’s name is something like Raff or Wrath (?).

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland!

Scott, Kira, Stiles and Lydia head over to the school to face the nogitsune and the Oni, because obviously this is going to go down at the high school. Everything happens there. But when the group arrives, they find the inside magically transformed into a wintertime garden of the Japanese variety.

A door slams and the mummified incarnation of the nogitsune appears. It’s a trap!

There seems to be no way out of this one. As the nogitsune taunts Stiles to his disembowelment-caused death, the group figures out that they have lost the game.

Or have they? In the reflection of the sword he’s about to use to kill himself, Stiles sees normal school furniture. He realizes that this is all an illusion and makes his divine move: If they refuse to believe the situation, it will all fade away.

It does.

But wait, there’s more!

Alas, this isn’t the only problem to deal with. The “real” Evil Stiles is still out there with some Oni, and he’s pissed that the kids didn’t just lose his game already. He’s also mad that Argent and Isaac have arrived to pick off the Smoke Ninjas with silver arrows.

Only one arrow misses, clattering to the ground. It falls to Twin Aiden (the one who likes Lydia) to stab the final Oni at close range. Too bad about the sword Aiden takes to the stomach in the process. Thus, “Teen Wolf” pulls a Weasley and kills one twin, while the other is merely heartbroken (unlike Danny who is so over dating werewolves).

At least Aiden did his job. Isaac is able to get the mystical wooden box into the school where Evil Stiles is ranting about winning and being really old. Good Stiles and Lydia aren’t too impressed by this though — they remember that itty-bitty scroll.

It’s time to change the body. But it’s not Stiles that has to change, now that the nogitsune has its own body. The fox spirit doesn’t realize what’s coming until it’s too late — with one bite from Scott, the nogitsune is undone.

You can’t be both a fox and a wolf, after all.

The extra-fingers thing finally pays off

Have you noticed that, no matter how many times Stiles has mentioned it over the course of Season 3, everyone always has the right number of fingers? He was always awake when that little nugget of maybe-truth was trotted out.

Finally, in the Season 3 finale, something changes.

It’s Derek who is having trouble distinguishing dreams from reality this time. He had a disturbing dream of hunters breaking into his loft and demanding to know the location of the “she-wolf.” They did not mean Cora, which confuses Derek.

Then he saw something that proves it must be a dream. Only it isn’t. The dream is when Derek and Stiles are talking and Stiles has way to many digits.

But who is the she-wolf? Why, it’s Kate Argent, of course! Yes, Crazy Aunt Kate got herself turned lycanthropic way back in Season 1 when Peter Hale slit her throat with his claws. Remember — a deep enough scratch can sometimes turn someone. Chris and Kate Argent were not just talking about Jackson back then.

Thanks to this deep, deep dive into “Teen Wolf” mythology, we have an explanation as to how Kate is back. That funky, messed-up face though? Season 4 can’t come soon enough to explain what’s going on there.

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 premieres Monday, June 23 on MTV.

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