teen wolf casting 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 spoilers: Charlie and Max Carver, Adelaide Kane and Felisha Terrell land key new roles“Teen Wolf” producers conducted an extensive search to find the right actors to play identical twins Ethan and Aidan, a pair of alpha werewolves who are part of the mysterious pack closing in on Beacon Hills.

This week, “Teen Wolf” had its first table read for Season 3, so we can finally reveal that 24-year-old “Desperate Housewives” players Charlie and Max Carver have landed the key roles. “They’re dangerous charmers. Ethan has a brilliant mind that he uses
for devious calculation. Aidan is the simple brute force of the duo,” says the casting call.

Felisha Terrell, best known as Ariana Hernandez on “Days of Our Lives,” will also play one of the alphas who invades Beacon
Hills. Kali is the first (living) female alpha we’ve seen on the show. She’s
described as “ruthless and sexy.” The alphas have a plan to turn Scott
and Derek against each other, which could tear Beacon Hills apart entirely.

Meanwhile, Australian actress Adelaide Kane is set to play Cora. As we previously revealed, she’s a tough 17-year-old, who has been on her own longer than any kid should — and she’s got ties to the Beacon Hills werewolf line.

All the actors are recurring guest stars in the series’ 24-episode third season, which is the first one to shoot in Los Angeles after a move from Atlanta. The castings were first reported by Deadline.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie